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Alternate Names:  Faihu, Foeh, Fe
Ancient Meaning:  Cattle, which meant mobile wealth and power
Keywords:  Wealth, Mobility, Fulfillment
Fehu is one of three mother stones.  This rune deals with earning success in matters of material gain or the increase of knowledge.  It reveals a impending influence of prosperity, abundance, fullness, and happiness.  This may indicate climbing the social ladder.  Other key words are:  vitality, energy, power, mojo, foresight, fertility, creativity.

Astrological Correspondence:  Aries
Tarot Correspondence:  The Tower
Gods/Goddesses:  Aesir
Color:  Light Red
Tree:  Eider
Herb:  Nettle
Stones:  Carnelian, Green Tourmaline, Amber
Animals:  Falcon, boar, cat, bear, cow, tiger, horse, sow, ant, deer, hare, bee, bull, hedgehog, ewe, snake, sparrow, mouse, goat, ram, lion, monkey.
Element:  Fire
Heightened intuition
Creates channel for projecting, sending, and transferring energy
Draws the energies of the sun, moon, and stars
Increases wealth
Increases knowledge
Enrichens ambitions, plans, and life goals