The runes are an ancient oracle that was used by the Norse peoples, pre-dating the tarot by a millennium. Each rune has a symbolic letter from the Norse alphabet carved into it. Similar to tarot readings, runes are cast and then interpreted according to their correlations.

To cast your runes, pick the set you would like to use below and then select a cast.

Tarotsmith Rune Casts, as well as readings for many of the other oracles, are based upon the same spreads that we use for tarot reading. This is convenient because if you are familiar with the spreads, you are already familiar with the rune layouts. Likewise, our interpretations of the rune meanings do not employ reversals, since runes can not exactly be reversed. With only 24 runes in the Norse alphabet, learning about the rune meanings is comparable to learning only the tarot deck’s Major Arcana.


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