Tarotsmith n. [ te-roh-smith, tair-oh-smith ]
1. an occultist and/or artisan who crafts a tarot deck steeped in esoteric symbolism
2. a certain brand which promotes tarot decks designed with special care given to esoteric symbolism

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Ari Bach


Ash Abdullah


Jeremy Lampkin


Stephan Lange

As bona fide students of the occult, we view the tarot cards as sacred works of art rendered from spiritual communications which we were blessed to receive. We are not particularly interested in crafting mundane novelty decks with tarot as a framework.

Furthermore, we do not endorse fortune-telling, as the occult-adapted tarot cards were intended to be used for spiritual purposes such as divination. We believe readings should empower the querent with heightened awareness, giving one the ability to create one’s own future with better clarity – not to direct the querent towards a foreseen future. We put our creations out there to help seekers find, and cannot be held responsible for the misuse of these potent spiritual tools.





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