About Tarotsmith

As figurative artists and practicing occultists, we work with our unique understandings of esoteric symbolism. We do not claim to have the answers nor provide the truth. We share our tarot creations in hope that they may help others find that which they seek. Tarot is a very powerful tool of divination, but it is when we are able to perceive the tools as guides instead of fortune telling that we are empowered to change our lives.


We wish to spread the awareness that each individual is psychic in their own right, and that they can develop these skills using meditation, ceremonial ritual, dream interpretation, kabbalah, and of course tarot reading and divination methods like those available on tarotsmith.com. Although some of the artists on this site have worked as tarot readers in the past, we have each decided to step aside as readers and allow you to use our creations here on Tarotsmith free of charge at your leisure. We see more wisdom in teaching someone how to fish than in going fishing for someone, even if they are willing to pay.

To us the Tarot is a sacred art. Tarot represents a mystical game which allows the player tap into the spiritual world using a deck of cards containing symbolism that reflects what mankind has come to understand about its relationship with the universe.


In January 2007 after a grueling ritual of Abra-Melin plus another year spent illustrating the bifrost Tarot, Jeremy Lampkin was shocked by the kind of reception his work received from the online tarot community. In the storm of controversy sparked by introducing uncloaked new school occultism to a gang of Karens, Lampkin was fortunate to meet an aspiring tarot student looking to begin her own tarot deck. Ash Abdullah and Lampkin quickly became good friends as they worked to become better artists by sharing sometimes harsh, always honest art critiques of each other’s work. Lampkin even posed for 2 of the cards in Ash Abdullah’s tarot deck, Diary of a Broken Soul.

When Diary was nearing completion, Lampkin and Abdullah decided to promote their tarot creations together on a new website where visitors could use their cards to do free online reading, and Tarotsmith was born. The site quickly grew to include various forms of divination aside from tarot reading, along with the Surrealist Tarot and Langustl Tarot. It has always been our goal to provide the real deal regarding tarot and divination, something rarely found on the internet.

Tarotsmith offers several tarot decks to read with and lots of great spreads. In addition to tarot cards, there are many more online oracles.

  • Surrealist Tarot by Ari Bach
  • Diary of a Broken Soul by Ash Abdullah
  • Rider-Waite by Waite & Smith
  • Crowley-Thoth by Crowley & Harris
  • bifrost Tarot by Jeremy Lampkin
  • Langustl Tarot by Stephan Langustl Lange

Tarotsmith is developed by artist/alchemist Jeremy Lampkin in conjunction with fellow symbolism artists and Faux Pas Gallery. Lampkin’s artwork can be seen at Abra-melin.com. Tarotsmith is a division of Tarotica. Our office is located in the back of Faux Pas Gallery.

Ideas of the artists do not necessarily represent those of Tarotsmith.

308 Lincoln Hwy
Rochelle, IL 61068





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