Designed by Aleister Crowley, executed by Lady Frieda Harris

Book of Thoth

Ideologies: Golden Dawn, Kabbalah, alchemical partnership, astrology, Egyptian mythology, Thelema…

Although the Book of Thoth, which is often called the Crowley-Thoth, is not available on Tarotsmith for free readings, the influence of this deck is more profound than any other, so it deserves honorable mention at the absolute least. Jeremy Lampkin’s rough bifrost Tarot is only one of many inspired by Thoth. But there are a small number of Thoth clones compared to the number of Rider-Waite clones.

Like icebergs of symbolic content, most of the value of true occult decks is hidden beneath the surface. Likewise, it would take years of study and practice to really take in the full effect of this amazing work of art. Not surprisingly, a small library of reading material is recommended for this one.

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