Surrealist Tarot

Designed and executed by Ari Bach

Surrealist Tarot

Ideologies: unorthodox – neither RWS nor Thoth styled, unique system of core trumps based on the LaVey Personality Synthesizer

A Word from Ari:

A quick note on usage:

This is, in fact, a twelve-card Tarot System bearing little resemblance to the traditional Waite or Crowley decks. They were designed for my own purposes, which are reflective and meditative rather than divinatory. Six of the twelve are actually reversals, so reversals in my system are meaningless, and there are only six states whose opposites are higher or lower on the scale. After that twelve-card numeration, none of the trumps have numbers, they are mere supplements so that the deck can be used for regular tarot purposes, and for that they may be given the common numbers and meanings.

Some of these cards are not in the usual tarot canon, but if one wishes to use them for normal tarot, the equivalents have been listed. Each has a gender, element, and sign. The zodiac signs stand for alchemical processes, not traits. Traits are the number on the clock, in reference to Dr. LaVey’s Personality Synthesizer Clock.

Remember that the twelve-card system was designed for and by the artist, feel free to use it if you please, but the only meaning any card can ever have, no matter who designed it, is the meaning you give it yourself. Every word I write is mere trivia compared to the user’s slightest whim and their reaction to the image upon it.

Surrealist Tarot Copyright 2010 Ari Bach





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