The Astrological Layout

Self-Actualization Pyramids Layout



Difficulty: Complicated

The Astrological Tarot Spread is based upon houses of astrology. This complicated layout takes several steps to understand.

The first step is to interpret the domino for each individual position in the layout.

The second step involves further examination of the main axes. Positions 1 & 7 show the relationship theme, #1 representing the reader, #7 their partner. Positions 4 & 10 indicate motion. #4 indicates where the reader is now, and #10 suggests what they are moving towards.

The third step involves breaking down the chart into triads according to their house elements.

Positions 1, 5, & 9 represent the Fire triad, symbolizing temperament and personal development.

Positions 2, 6, & 10 represent the Earth triad, concerned with materialism, money, and work.

Positions 3, 7, & 11 represent the Air triad, which has to do with thoughts, ideas, and connections with other people.

Positions 4, 8, & 12 represent the Water triad, the realm of emotions, moods, intuition, and yearnings.

Further, other patterns and correlations between certain numbers can be noted. Certain numbers such as the set of 5, 7, & 8 often speak about a particular theme.









Your Astrological Reading


    11 9    
  12   8  
1       7
2   Eye   6
  3   5  





1: Basic Mood


Wealth increases like a river feeding the ocean. This sign is especially good for works involving water, however marriage or rituals involving fire are not favoured.




2: Finance


Now is a time to strengthen your family ties. You may even want to consider having a child. Your family life should take precedence. Works involving spiritual communication with ancestors will be tremendously beneficial.




3: Mundane Life


Bathing in nectar, your happiness shall increase. Friends and wealth will build up substantially. Prospects are good for all things. Your agility will be impressive – quick like a slippery fish. It will be very beneficial should you seek visions in peaceful fire rituals.




4: Home


You are standing before a blank canvas and have the freedom to choose how you fill it. New powers and energies will be available to you if you are open to them. Your choices will determine your future.










5: Fun Things


This sign indicates a growth in popularity. There may be fighting, but you will be victorious. Fame may yield fast wealth or fortune in smaller scattered pieces. If dispelling ghosts, you will be successful if you offer small gifts such as tea.




6: Work


The mind is clear like a bright lamp that dispels darkness. You are at a stage in which the potential for personal growth is almost unlimited. Follow your inner light, and you will know what is right for you and those around you. Allow no obstacles or faults to hinder your actions.




7: Partners


This sign is also known as 'the wish-fulfilling tree'. There will be quick success. Matters involving the delivery of news are particularly favourable. Decorations and streamers are very effective.




8: Hidden Aspects


This is a sign of great strength, and that you will achieve great success at the expense of your enemies. Powerful and destructive activities will meet with great success. Rituals to your spiritual protectors should be continually performed. Works involving earth and water will have difficulties.




9: Higher Views


This sign indicates great stability, and that projects already begun will meet with success. Generally, a favourable sign, the only problem may be a delay in travel, as this is a sign of staying in one place.










10: Reputation


You will bear witness to an amazing sign. This is a sign of unification, good fortune, success, harmony, and happiness. You should continue on the same path you have been on. The prospects of this sign are not merely good, but excellent. Your life will be enriched.




11: Friends


Who is capable of catching a piece of paper in the wind? This sign suggests dissipation and energy wasted on small things. Thoughts are scattered and the mind is too distracted to focus well. Advice will not be taken, and you would be better off to perform a ritual to stabilise your thoughts, even if it is difficult.



12: Hopes and Fears


The sign of 'The Stainless Sky' suggests that you should listen carefully to the spirits of the air. Your mind should be cleansed of impure thoughts. This sign also suggests that to retain friends or wealth, small offerings should be made. Generally, this is an average sign, neither bad nor good.






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