The Astrological Layout

Self-Actualization Pyramids Layout



Difficulty:  Complicated


The Astrological Tarot Layout is based on houses of astrology. This complicated layout takes several steps to understand.

The first step is to interpret the card for each individual position in the layout.

The second step involves further examination of the main axes. Positions 1 & 7 show the relationship theme, #1 representing you, #7 your partner. Positions 4 & 10 indicate motion. #4 shows where you are, and #10 shows what you are moving towards.

The third step involves breaking down the chart into triads according to their house elements.

Positions 1, 5, & 9 represent the Fire triad, which shows about temperment and personal development.

Positions 2, 6, & 10 represent the Earth triad, which is concerned with materialism, money, and work.

Positions 3, 7, & 11 represent the Air triad, which has to do with thoughts, ideas, and connections with other people.

Positions 4, 8, & 12 represent the Water triad, which is the realm of emotions, moods, intuition, and yearnings.

Further, you may connect other patterns and correlations between certain numbers. Certain numbers such as the set of 5, 7, & 8 often speak about a particular theme.









Your Astrological Reading


    11 9    
  12   8  
1       7
2   Eye   6
  3   5  





1: Basic Mood


Your pursuits are spoiled; hopes are scattered like dust in the wind. You would be well advised to perform suppression rituals, burial rituals, or a peaceful fire ritual. Enemies wish you ill. Welcome visitors bring bad news. You have accumulated bad energies through faulty decisions, and you may need to retrace your steps to see where things went wrong.




2: Finance


You will hear good news from a friend. Fame and fortune shall increase should you accept their help. Your actions will be successful if you allow yourself to hear their words.




3: Mundane Life


Remember that you will reap what you sew. Do not allow yourself to become greedy or totally self-absorbed. To do so will leave you isolated and unhappy, even if you had all the money in the world.




4: Home


This sign indicates a growth in popularity. There may be fighting, but you will be victorious. Fame may yield fast wealth or fortune in smaller scattered pieces. If dispelling ghosts, you will be successful if you offer small gifts such as tea.










5: Fun Things


This is a sign of great strength, and that you will achieve great success at the expense of your enemies. Powerful and destructive activities will meet with great success. Rituals to your spiritual protectors should be continually performed. Works involving earth and water will have difficulties.




6: Work


The time is at hand to pursue new ventures. Your wishes will be accomplished, exceeding all expectations. The study of logic will bear tremendous fruit, as would diligent meditation upon your special deity or spirit guide. Partnerships are extremely well-favored. Opportunities may seem too good to be true, but hear them out fully before ruling anything out.




7: Partners


Generally a good sign, this indicates that malignant spirits have left you. Your ails will subside, and your plans will be fulfilled.




8: Hidden Aspects


This is a bad omen of instability and obstruction. There is danger from enemies and evil spirits. A red article or triangular object you have acquired may be causing you harm. A person in the western direction may be responsible. Obstacles are blocking your success. Only evil activities have good prospects for success.




9: Higher Views


That which has confused you will soon become clear. Your ability to think lucidly is reaching its zenith. Solutions to lingering problems will soon be obvious to you, and you may question how it was possible that you did not see this before.










10: Reputation


New friendships and opportunities will soon be yours. It is possible you will meet a new love, or the love you already have will deepen. However you must be open to change and dare to take risks.




11: Friends


The mind is clear like a bright lamp that dispells darkness. You are at a stage in which the potential for personal growth is almost unlimited. Follow your inner light, and you will know what is right for you and those around you. Allow no obstacles or faults to hinder your actions.



12: Hopes and Fears


Also known as "the wish-fulfilling cow," this sign indicates an increase in happiness. It may appear that an evil spirit has recently attacked you, but this is not the case. You should be content to know that this setback was necessary, as it is sometimes necessary to take a step back in order to take 2 steps forward.






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