Horse Shoe Layout

Horse Shoe Layout #1



Difficulty: Easy

The Horse Shoe is a classic layout. It is more advanced than the three-domino reading, yet simpler than most other layouts. It is a versatile method that can be used for most queries, though there are other layouts which would go into more depth. Like the simple Past, Present, and Future layout, it contains these dominoes in positions #1, #2, and #7, but also has four other dominoes that help the reader understand how to deal with the future better. The dominoes are to be read as follows:

  1. The Past: Past events affecting the question.
  2. The Present: The current state or approaching influence.
  3. Hidden Influences: Things the reader may not be aware of (or barely be aware of).
  4. Obstacles: This is the challenge: obstacles may be avoided or may have to be dealt with.
  5. External Influences: Attitudes and thoughts regarding people around the reader.
  6. Suggestions: Recommended course of action.
  7. Outcome: The result of following the suggestions.









Your Horse Shoe Reading


Hidden Influences

  External Influences

The Present


The Past

  The Outcome






The Past Card represents past events that are affecting the question.



Like inheriting a fortune, there is great prosperity, wealth, and well-being. This sign is as money falling from the sky directly into your hands. You have been steady in the long run, and your prospects for success are very bright. Friends will increase, and even enemies will fall under your control. If someone is ill, they will recover in time, the cause being that they have displeased a certain deity.





The Present Card represents the current state or immediately approaching influence.



You now have the opportunity for material gain. New ventures are on the horizon. You must make a decision which of these new ventures best suits your ambitions for the future.





Hidden Influences - Things that you may not be aware of, or barely be aware of.



Allow your feelings and passions to guide you. Do not allow your emotions to take a back seat to your intellect at this time. Explore your deepest feelings about every aspect of your life and act to ease any lingering negativity. Peaceful activities and purification rituals are beneficial. Destructive works will not succeed.












Obstacle - This is the challenge.



Also known as 'the wish-fulfilling cow', this sign indicates an increase in happiness. It may appear that an evil spirit has recently attacked you, but this is not the case. You should be content to know that this setback was necessary, as it is sometimes necessary to take a step back in order to take two steps forward.





External Influences - Attitudes about this situation from people around the querent.



Your happiness shall increase as when a person hears good news. Studies in art, science, and spirit will yield good results. All activities are favoured, particularly those that involve women.





Suggestion - The recommended course of action.�



Your world is about to become more harmonious. All the pieces will come together, and personal power will take form, leading to a heightened level of confidence. However, for this to occur you must be open to change and embrace new ideas.





The Outcome - What will happen if the suggestion is followed.



This sign indicates great stability, and that projects already begun will meet with success. Generally, a favourable sign, the only problem may be a delay in travel, as this is a sign of staying in one place.






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