Three Bones Layout

3 Bones Layout



Difficulty: Very easy

This method of reading draws three tiles out of a randomized group of dominoes. They are flipped to answer the question in chronological order.









Your Three Bones Reading









Bone #1


New unions and the strengthening of established unions are just around the corner. These unions may be secular and/or spiritual, and will prove successful. Be open to change, but do not abandon your values. Works of virtue and power are favoured by this sign. Fire activities are highly favoured and increase happiness much, but works involving water, earth, and fixed objects are not at all favourable, even bad.





Bone #2


You now have the opportunity for material gain. New ventures are on the horizon. You must make a decision which of these new ventures best suits your ambitions for the future.












Bone #3


The time is at hand to pursue new ventures. Your wishes will be accomplished, exceeding all expectations. The study of logic will bear tremendous fruit, as would diligent meditation upon your special deity or spirit guide. Partnerships are extremely well-favoured. Opportunities may seem too good to be true, but hear them out fully before ruling anything out.






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