Three Bones Layout

3 Bones Layout



Difficulty: Very easy

This method of reading draws three tiles out of a randomized group of dominoes. They are flipped to answer the question in chronological order.









Your Three Bones Reading









Bone #1


The sign of 'The Stainless Sky' suggests that you should listen carefully to the spirits of the air. Your mind should be cleansed of impure thoughts. This sign also suggests that to retain friends or wealth, small offerings should be made. Generally, this is an average sign, neither bad nor good.





Bone #2


Your pursuits are spoiled; hopes are scattered like dust in the wind. You would be well advised to perform suppression rituals, burial rituals, or a peaceful fire ritual. Enemies wish you ill. Welcome visitors bring bad news. You have accumulated bad energies through faulty decisions, and you may need to retrace your steps to see where things went wrong.












Bone #3


The Double Blank is perhaps the grandest of dominoes. This domino often symbolises a major change. It is the domino of fate, destiny, providence, and karma. Several new paths will open for you, and you are spiritually and intellectually ready to take them on. However, if this domino is drawn in a single-domino reading, it simply means to ask the question again at a later time.






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