Three Bones Layout

3 Bones Layout



Difficulty: Very easy

This method of reading draws three tiles out of a randomized group of dominoes. They are flipped to answer the question in chronological order.









Your Three Bones Reading









Bone #1


You will bear witness to an amazing sign. This is a sign of unification, good fortune, success, harmony, and happiness. You should continue on the same path you have been on. The prospects of this sign are not merely good, but excellent. Your life will be enriched.





Bone #2


It is best to postpone your efforts to achieve them later, as they will not be successful yet. There will be great obstacles and destruction if you press forward. This would appear to be a negative sign, however works of destruction will have much success. Now may be a good time to organise your plans and develop new strategies for managing the tasks before you.












Bone #3


Also known as 'the wish-fulfilling cow', this sign indicates an increase in happiness. It may appear that an evil spirit has recently attacked you, but this is not the case. You should be content to know that this setback was necessary, as it is sometimes necessary to take a step back in order to take two steps forward.






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