The Astrological Spread

Self-Actualization Pyramids Spread



Difficulty: Complicated

The Astrological Tarot Spread is based upon houses of astrology. This complicated spread takes several steps to understand.

The first step is to interpret the tarot card for each individual position in the spread.

The second step involves further examination of the main axes. Positions 1 & 7 show the relationship theme, #1 representing the reader, #7 their partner. Positions 4 & 10 indicate motion. #4 indicates where the reader is now, and #10 suggests what they are moving towards.

The third step involves breaking down the chart into triads according to their house elements.

Positions 1, 5, & 9 represent the Fire triad, symbolizing temperament and personal development.

Positions 2, 6, & 10 represent the Earth triad, concerned with materialism, money, and work.

Positions 3, 7, & 11 represent the Air triad, which has to do with thoughts, ideas, and connections with other people.

Positions 4, 8, & 12 represent the Water triad, the realm of emotions, moods, intuition, and yearnings.

Further, other patterns and correlations between certain numbers can be noted. Certain numbers such as the set of 5, 7, & 8 often speak about a particular theme.









Your Astrological Reading


    11 9    
  12   8  
1       7
2   Eye   6
  3   5  





1: Basic Mood

Nine of Hearts


Jupiter in Pisces

A feeling of perfect happiness and well-being.




2: Finance

Three of Clubs


Sun in Aries

Realisation of hope. Noble cause. Pride and arrogance.




3: Mundane Life

Eight of Spades


Jupiter in Gemini

Waste of energy in attention to details at the expense of the big picture. Restriction. Sudden unforeseeable bad luck.




4: Home

Eight of Clubs


Mercury in Sagittarius

Action, explosive energy, electricity, fast communication, gain of rapid speed, light, quickness.










5: Fun Things

Five of Spades


Venus in Aquarius

Weakness, loss, spite, malice, trouble, dishonour, anxiety. A driver of wedges.




6: Work

Nine of Diamonds


Venus in Virgo

Inheritance, increase in wealth, material fortune, accomplishment.




7: Partners

Two of Clubs


Mars in Aries

Fire in its strongest form. Influence, courage, boldness, fierceness.




8: Hidden Aspects

Jack of Hearts


A man who moves in shadows, who ambitiously lusts for great wisdom and power. His calm appearance masks an ocean of passion.
Ill-dignified: a merciless man of insatiable ambition.




9: Higher Views

Queen of Clubs


A calm attractive woman. Strength relaxed. Persistent, adaptive, but intolerant of opposition.










10: Reputation

Four of Hearts


Moon in Cancer

Giving in to desire. Excess, luxury, insatiability.




11: Friends

Three of Spades


Saturn in Libra

Melancholy, disruption, discord, delay, separation.



12: Hopes and Fears

King of Clubs


A man of action, generosity, pride, and impetuousness.






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