Game Plan Spread

Game Plan Spread



Difficulty: Easy

When a person has a certain plan in mind, this simple five-card spread presents a choice, hinting at what action or attitude should be taken for their plan to succeed, and what should be avoided to help the plan work out for the best.

The initial card is laid in the centre of the layout, the significator. The following four cards are laid out clockwise around the significator.

In this spread, the second card is about what drives the reader, but also says they are not fully conscious of this, perhaps even completely unaware of it. It provides a hint as to the reason they strive for their goal.

The third card uncovers what others think of the reader and their goals. The reader may or may not be aware of this. Sometimes other people factor into the plans (and sometimes they don't).

The fourth card suggests what not to do. If things are permitted to go down this path, the plan will collapse.

The fifth card is a hint as to how to make this plan work out favourably. The idea this card presents should be followed to make the plan successful. It is the differences between Cards #4 & #5 that should be noted, as the differences provide important clues.









Your Game Plan Reading

Unconscious Drive

Eight of Hearts
  External Influences

Ten of Diamonds

King of Hearts
How it Will Succeed

Five of Hearts
  How it Will Not Succeed

Six of Hearts





King of Hearts


A very sensitive, yet shallow man, who is quick to respond to attraction.





Eight of Hearts


Saturn in Pisces

Success abandoned, apathy, misery, transience, instability, a small victory. Sometimes means abandonment of materialistic pursuits in favour of the spiritual.





Ten of Diamonds


Mercury in Virgo

Material prosperity. Completion of material building. Old age.












Six of Hearts


Sun in Scorpio

Natural harmony, satisfaction, beginnings of steady increase





Five of Hearts


Mars in Scorpio

Disturbance ending pleasure. Grief, misfortune, sadness, regret, loss, treachery, bitterness, frustration, bad marriage, expectations unfulfilled.






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