The Love Triangle Spread

The Love Triangle Spread



Difficulty: Complicated

Casually referred to as the Love Triangle, this spread can be used to determine the dynamics of the relationship between three people, regardless of whether romance is involved. This spread is arranged in the form of a hexagram, consisting of several large and small triangles. This tarot spread may seem somewhat complicated, but it is not entirely that difficult.

The first step is to interpret the card for each individual position in the spread. Generally, one might ask about a relationship they are involved in, but this does not have to be the case. Ordinarily, the reader's representative card is #1, their main person of interest is #2, and the other person would be #3.

The second step fills in the downward triangle and involves further examination of the individuals through their views of the other people. Each person has two more cards showing the way they see and relate to the other members of the triangle. For example, Card #6 indicates how Person #3 relates to Person #1, while Card #9 stands for Person #1's attitude toward Person #3.

The next step completes the upward triangle and the hexagram, focusing on cards #10–13. It also completes the many smaller triangles and hints at the potential for each relationship. The final card, #13 can be considered the significator of the reading, which suggests the overall potential for this three-way relationship.









Your Love Triangle Reading


P#3   3to2 2+3
2to3   P#2
3to1 Overall 2to1
1+3 1to3 1to2 1+2




1: Person #1

Nine of Hearts


Jupiter in Pisces

A feeling of perfect happiness and well-being.




2: Person #2

Four of Diamonds


Sun in Capricorn

Earthly power, dominion, law and order, material success, skill in confrontation.




3: Person #3

Eight of Clubs


Mercury in Sagittarius

Action, explosive energy, electricity, fast communication, gain of rapid speed, light, quickness.










4: Person #1's view of #2

Eight of Diamonds


Sun in Virgo

Industriousness, agriculture, building, construction, intelligence in material affairs.




5: Person #2's view of #3

Ten of Hearts


Mars in Pisces

Pleasure fulfilled yet incomplete.




6: Person #3's view of #1

Queen of Spades


A confident, gracious, just, perceptive, graceful, elegant woman.




7: Person #2's view of #1

Four of Clubs


Venus in Aries

Solidification of a work. Harmony. Conclusions drawn from previous knowledge. Rest after completion of a work. A goal fulfilled.




8: Person #3's view of #2

Jack of Spades


A pure intellectual, clever but unstable of purpose, a mind full of various contradictory ideas and opinions. He kills his ideas as fast as he creates them.




9: Person #1's view of #3

Four of Hearts


Moon in Cancer

Giving in to desire. Excess, luxury, insatiability.










10: Overall relationship between persons #1 and #2

Ten of Diamonds


Mercury in Virgo

Material prosperity. Completion of material building. Old age.




11: Overall relationship between persons #2 and #3

Queen of Clubs


A calm attractive woman. Strength relaxed. Persistent, adaptive, but intolerant of opposition.



12: Overall relationship between persons #1 and #3

Two of Clubs


Mars in Aries

Fire in its strongest form. Influence, courage, boldness, fierceness.




13: Overall 3-way Relationship

Two of Hearts


Venus in Cancer

Perfect harmony between male and female radiates warmth and ecstasy. Love, union, friendship, warmth, comfort, passion, affinity, intercourse.





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