Horse Shoe Spread

Horse Shoe Spread #1



Difficulty: Easy

The Horse Shoe is an old classic tarot spread. It is more advanced than the 3-card reading, yet simpler than most other spreads. It is a versatile method that can be used for most queries, though there are other spreads which would go into more depth. Like the simple Past, Present, and Future spread, it contains these cards in positions 1, 2, and 7, but also has 4 other cards that help the reader understand how to deal with the Future better. The cards are to be read as follows:

  1. The Past: This card represents past events that are affecting the question.
  2. The Present: This card represents the current state or immediately approaching influence.
  3. Hidden Influences: Things that you may not be aware of, or barely be aware of.
  4. Obstacles: This is the challenge. Obstacles might be avoided, or you may have to deal with them.
  5. External Influences: Attitudes and thoughts about this situation from people around the querent.
  6. Suggestions: Recommended course of action.
  7. The Final Outcome: This card represents what would happen if the suggestion is followed.









Your Horse Shoe Reading


2 of Swords - Peace
Hidden Influences

Ace of Swords
  External Influences

The Magus
The Present

The Lovers

4 of Swords - Truce
The Past

The Star
  The Outcome

7 of Swords - Futility





The Past Card represents past events that are affecting the question.


The Star


Everyone is a Star. This card suggests using your talents.

Clear vision, spiritual insight, hope, charity.
When ill-dignified: error in judgement, disillusion, delusions, lack of understanding.





The Present Card represents the current state or immediately approaching influence.


The Lovers


Lovers are eternally bound in Soul. A nude family holding hands in the form of a lemniscate represents natural purity.

Attraction, childishness, openness to inspiration, love, beauty.
When ill-dignified: shallow, superficial union. Instability, insecurity, indecision.





Hidden Influences - Things that you may not be aware of, or barely be aware of.


Ace of Swords

The Root of Air

The initial embodiment of the spirit of air is the bearer of light. The sword penetrates the crown of Kether. In the background ten rays pour out of the spiritual sun, indicating the full potential contained within the seed of the Ace. The beginning of a new way of thinking.

Invoked force, conquest, strength through tribulation, triumph of force. A spiritual understanding with heaven.












Obstacle - This is the challenge.


2 of Swords - Peace

Moon in Libra

Two swords stuck in a mound form the shape of a V, the symbolic gesture of peace like the hippies were so fond of. The owners have thrown their arms down in the spirit of harmony.

Contradictory characteristics of the same nature coming together. Pleasure after pain. Quarrel resolved.





External Influences - Attitudes about this situation from people around the querent.


The Magus


The Magician stands on the mountain commanding the forces to obey his will.

Drive, willpower, skill, wisdom, craft, cunning, messages, business, creativity, wit, initiative, self-discipline. Sometimes occult wisdom or power.
When ill-dignified: knowledge interfering with the objective of the matter.





Suggestion - The recommended course of action.


4 of Swords - Truce

Jupiter in Libra

Four swords come together in union. The square formed in the center is a white flag. This card represents reconciliation. The Process.

Recovery from a period of trouble. An oasis. Authority in the realm of intellect. Establishment of dogma.





The Outcome - What will happen if the suggestion is followed.


7 of Swords - Futility

Moon in Aquarius

Six swords descend upon one large sword. The six moons have mutinously ganged up on their master. The battle seems hopeless. Even with the strongest blade, the numbers may be overwhelming.

Fighting a hopeless battle in vain, with no prospect of victory. Partial success by stalling through lack of energy when victory is achieved.






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