Path Spread

Path Spread #1



Difficulty: Easy

For the Path reading, one asks for suggestions how to behave properly to achieve a desired result. The Current column represents how the reader has been acting, and the Suggestedcolumn suggests how they should act to achieve a certain goal. The chart-like spread uses the standard three levels: Rational, Emotional, and External Stance (how one projects oneself outwardly). When comparing the Current and Suggested cards, the most important thing is to notice the differences between the two cards. It is these differences which hint at the behaviours that should be altered.

Card #1 is the significator, the card which should reflect the nature of the query and/or the desired outcome.

Card #2 shows the way the reader is and has been thinking. Card #7 suggests how to change the way one thinks to serve themselves better.

Card #3 suggests the reader's emotional attitude. Though it may seem difficult to manipulate one's own emotions, it can be done if one puts their mind to it. For example, acting a certain way such as smiling intently for a few minutes will lead the emotions to follow. When a person tries this, as silly as the exercise seems, they find this to evoke the emotion of happiness. For this reading, one should try to make themselves feel the way that Card #6 suggests.

External Stance means how one acts outwardly, how they hope others see them. Card #4 is about how the reader has been acting, while #5 indicates how they should act outwardly, for other people's sake. It is the differences between these cards that hint at what behaviour patterns should be altered.









Your Path Reading

  Current The Significator

3 of Wands – Virtue
Queen of Wands
9 of Disks – Gain
9 of Cups – Happiness
External Stance
Queen of Disks





The Significator

3 of Wands – Virtue

Sun in Aries

This card represents the pioneer motivated by the spirit of goodwill. You do what is right in your eyes. There is also a tendency toward egotism in this card.

Realisation of hope. Noble cause. Pride and arrogance.
When ill-dignified: conceit.





Current Thoughts

Queen of Wands

11:00 – 1:00 Female

The Queen of Wands sits on a throne of flames. She holds a torch in her left hand and grasps the horn of a white ram in her right hand. The ram's eyes glare forward, but her eyes are closed, with a look of contentment on her face. She represents a strong figure of feminine authority with a laid-back attitude.

A calm attractive woman. Strength relaxed. Persistent, adaptive, but intolerant of opposition.
When ill-dignified: a vengeful, domineering woman with an itchy trigger finger.





Suggested Thoughts



Judgement is reserved for god. The Guardian Angel blows his trumpet. He has been sent to judge the man. This is true Judgement, all else is mere opinion. The earthling sheds all his earthly coverings and comes to naked truth. He has been X'ed out of this world. The wolf lies with the lamb.

Always means taking a new step. Leaving the past behind.












Current Emotions

9 of Disks – Gain

Venus in Virgo

Six of the nine disks have now turned to coins, representing material gain. The three spiritual disks converge in the centre, forming a colour wheel and a rainbow. There are two triangles formed by the coins, one male and one female. A card of material gain.

Inheritance, increase in wealth, material fortune, accomplishment.
When ill-dignified: envy, theft.





Suggested Emotions

9 of Cups – Happiness

Jupiter in Pisces

The water level here is the highest in the suit. The perfection of water in Yesod makes this the happiest card in the whole deck. In an ocean of paradise two dolphins playfully leap between floating cups.

A feeling of perfect happiness and well-being.





Current External Stance

Queen of Disks

8:00 – 10:00 Female

The Queen of Disks sits on her throne between two rivers. She holds in her right hand the symbol of the sign of Capricorn crystalised. Her horns encase the full moon, her crown. The sun emerges from her loins. Her body shape is like the Willendorf Venus. This woman is an ancient fertility goddess in human form.

A practical, kind, domesticated, affectionate, charming woman. Prosperity, abundance, fertility, generosity, security.
When ill-dignified: a dull, servile, capricious fool, prone to debauchery and mood swings.





Suggested External Stance



Temperance or Alchemy. Creation by way of the marriage of opposites. You are what you create. An androgenous figure stirs the pot. The unity of opposite alchemical symbols (lion + eagle) has produced alchemical GOLD.

Realisation of objectives and goals. Successful combination of energies. A string of successful magickal manoeuvres culminating in solidification. Calculated action. Management.






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