The Self-Actualization Pyramids Spread

Self-Actualization Pyramids Spread



Difficulty:  Complicated


Basically there is the main pyramid in the center, and two smaller pyramids on each side. One is inverted.

Positions 1 – 3 represent where you have come from, or what has made you/shaped you on the various levels. Can be from environment, upbringing, schooling etc. A look at the past, but with more objectivity than is usually given when using tarot cards.

Positions 4 – 5 represent “who you are now.”  May or may not make pleasant reading but hey, this is what this is about right?

Position 6 represents “who you could be.”  Again it might or might not look good, but you can learn from that and change who you are now accordingly. (This is a bit like how Scrooge did things in "A Christmas Carol")

Positions 7-8 are your strengths. The light you have which can be bought to the forefront. What carries you and should not be hidden or unacknowledged.

Position 9 represents what you should be giving to yourself or creating within.

Position 10 – 11 represent personal areas for development or weaknesses. Again might not make good reading but if you look at your strengths first you will be able to see a balance is there and you can choose to focus on one side or the other… your choice. This is where you could really see how your shadow side comes into play.

Position 12 represents what you should be offering externally, or what you can bring to your world or others who inhabit that world.









Your Self-Actualization Pyramids Reading


Strength #1
Strength #2
Eye Exhibit
Nurture This
Infirmity #1
Infirmity #2
Now #1
  Now #2
Base (past) #1
  Base (past) #2
  Base (past) #3





1: Base #1

The Moon


The Moon reflects the overbearing light of the sun. Sunlight is a hot commodity at night. Where does the long, dark road lead? Let your inner light guide your path through the unconscious dreamscape.

Illusion, dreaminess, voluntary change, bewilderment, hysteria. An important change that is difficult to foresee.
When ill-dignified: egotism, self-deception, delusions of grandeur, counter-productive pride, demiurgos, ignorance, denial of the master.




2: Base #2

The Aeon


In a place beyond the Universe there exists a single solitary spirit. This is the perfection that we all strive for.

Dawn of a new era. Perfect self-knowledge. Wisdom. Union with god. The force of nature, raw spirit, barbelo, center of the universe, perfection, message from heaven, sign from above, god.




3: Base #3

Princess of Swords

A young slender female has come down the mountain. The air symbols of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are all there in this card. The clouds indicate a storm front. Of the three men symbolizing her thoughts, she has already killed one. She holds the middle one at bay as the other begs for his life. She may be wise in the ways of evil, but to do good she has no knowledge.

An aggressive, vengeful young lady of destructive logic, subtle, wise, and dexterious in practical affairs. This card also represents ruling out bad ideas.










4: Where you are now #1

Prince of Cups

5:00 - 7:00 Male

The Prince of Cups rides a vapory chariot of water. His draft animal is the eagle, but the scorpion is his familiar. His cup is represented by the trident of Neptune. He is receptive to outer influences, which he twists and manipulates to his own ends. He is a ruthless man of great ambition, but he moves in secrecy.

A man who moves in shadows, who ambitiously lusts for great wisdom and power. His calm appearance masks an ocean of passion.
When ill-dignified: a merciless man of insatiable ambition.




5: Where you are now #2



A skull and crossbones present obvious symbolism here. Something coming to an end, a necessary transition into the next stage.

Transformation, change, transitional period leading to a new way. Loss of the status quo.




6: Your potential

The Tower


This is the dark side of The Magus; the lower self. The Demiurge has come out to play. Many are struck down on their quest to the top. Only the chosen one can climb the stairway to heaven. He must first acquire the proper understandings and tools or his climb will certainly be disastrous. Now is the time to use what you've been building up inside. Often a card of war.

Danger, destruction, quarrel, combat, ambition. Escape from prison. Rise to the top at the expense of others.




7: Strength #1

8 of Disks - Prudence

Sun in Virgo

This card is about the virtue of patience, or taking things in their proper times. Eight clocks are hung from Jacob's Ladder. With effort dreams will be attainable. Remember: one step at a time.

Industriousness, agriculture, building, construction, intelligence in material affairs.
When ill-dignified: too much care spent on details at the expense of the big picture.




8: Strength #2

Ace of Disks

The Root of Earth

A coin toss. This card represents the very first beginnings of the process that leads to material gain.

Materialistic concerns, contentment, earthly power and success. A calculated risk with good chances.




9: Nurture this

Prince of Wands

11:00 - 1:00 Male

The Prince of Wands rides a chariot of fire pulled by a lion. In his right hand he bears the phoenix wand, a symbol of power and authority. Just as air fuels the fire, expansion is his nature.

A young man, just, noble, generous, impulsive, humorous, strong.
When ill-dignified: Brash, proud, prejudiced, intolerant, cruel.










10: Weakness #1

3 of Swords - Sorrow

Saturn in Libra

Two swords are crossed with a short sword connecting them into the form of a triangle. The upside-down pyramid symbolizes a creation gone wrong. A deep storm is brewing in the background.

Melancholy, disruption, discord, delay, separation, trouble, remorse, rupture, dispersion, removal, division.
When well-dignified: faithfulness and honesty in love and commerce.




11: Weakness #2

Prince of Swords

2:00 - 4:00 Male

The Prince of Swords rides the sky in his cloudy chariot of air, pulled by three young men representing his thoughts and ideas. He symbolizes purity of the intellect, but also instability. As he pushes forward with his sword, he is frustrated. His thoughts are all over the place. In his left hand he holds a sickle, symbolizing his tendency to destroy his creations as quickly as he makes them, perhaps overly critical of his own ideas.

A pure intellectual, clever but unstable of purpose, a mind full of various contradictory ideas and opinions.



12: Behavior to exhibit

The Wheel of Fortune


Who knows what the Wheel of Providence has in store for you? Deep down inside, you do.

Providence, fate, karma. A change in fortune, generally a good change.






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