Relationship Spread #2

Relationship Spread #2



Difficulty:  Easy


This relationship spread focuses on the common ground of the relationship, with 3 cards in the middle column showing the common ground. The middle column essentially shows the past, present, and future of the relationship.

Card #4 shows the common base of the relationship, which may be thought of as the past events which have shaped their characters, bringing them together. Card #3 represents the current connection that binds them together, the values they share. Card #7 shows the common goals that would keep them together moving into the future.

The columns on either side show what each partner brings to the table. Remember, relationships need not be romantic, and they partners could even be groups rather than individuals, whatever you choose. In this layout, the other person is on the left hand side, and you, the querent on the right.

Cards #1 & 2 indicate the separate personalities of each member of the relationship. These cards form a sort of bridge with the cards beneath them, #5 & 6, which show the qualities that each partner offers the other person, and thus to the relationship as a whole.









Your Relationship #2 Reading

  Mutual Goals
Your Qualities
Connection (Present)
Others' Qualities
What You Bring
Common Base (Past)

What They Bring





7: Mutual Goals

8 of Disks - Prudence

Sun in Virgo

This card is about the virtue of patience, or taking things in their proper times. Eight clocks are hung from Jacob's Ladder. With effort dreams will be attainable. Remember: one step at a time.

Industriousness, agriculture, building, construction, intelligence in material affairs.
When ill-dignified: too much care spent on details at the expense of the big picture.





3: Connection

5 of Wands - Strife

Saturn in Leo

Conflict. Five male lion heads together represent opposition and a battle of wills. The nature of each lion is to dominate his territory, so 5 in one place is not good. They butt heads in the struggle for supremacy.

Struggle, competition, opposition, violence, quarreling, lust and carnal desire.





4: Common Base

The Moon


The Moon reflects the overbearing light of the sun. Sunlight is a hot commodity at night. Where does the long, dark road lead? Let your inner light guide your path through the unconscious dreamscape.

Illusion, dreaminess, voluntary change, bewilderment, hysteria. An important change that is difficult to foresee.
When ill-dignified: egotism, self-deception, delusions of grandeur, counter-productive pride, demiurgos, ignorance, denial of the master.












2: Your Qualities

The Fool


The Fool represents a childlike attitude and awareness, his eyes now open to a new world. A limited awareness at this point in the journey makes for awe and adventure. Beginner's luck. An umbrella shelters his awareness.

Impulsive child-like behaviour.
Ill-dignified: folly, extravagence, frenzy, delirium, intoxication.





1: Their Qualities

9 of Wands - Great Strength

Moon in Saggitarius

Great Strength. Eight arrows have been collected and are now under the authority of a headmaster arrow. They have been completed by this arrangement and the addition of the moon-heads. The driving force that empowers them is the sun.

Great strength, tremendous force, power, competition, warrior spirit, focused rage. Change is stability.





6: What You Bring

The Hierophant





5: What They Bring

8 of Swords - Interference

Eight of Swords - Interference|images/bifrost/swords08.jpg|Jupiter in Gemini

Two swords of one kind have gone on a power trip over six swords of different kinds. They have interfered with the natural chaos in establishing order.

Waste of enegy in attention to details at the expense of the big picture. Restriction. Bad news, sickness, crisis, censure, distress, hardship, misfortune.






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