Comic Strip Spread

Comic Strip Spread



Difficulty:  Simple

Note:  This spread works best with decks like the Diary of a Broken Soul or Surrealist Tarot because they display scenes rather than pips and do not use reversals.

The Comic Strip Spread is an extremely simple 9-card chronological spread that looks like a page of a comic book. This method should be used to get a glimpse of the future as it would pan out naturally. You may also want to check your biorythm. The spread is easy to read as a story, just like a comic book.

The main subject is apparent in the first card, while the story plays out through the following cards.

Pay particular attention to the cards and the relationships to their neighbors. Notice which directions the cards are facing, and how they interact.









Your Comic Strip Reading

The Sun
3 of Diamonds
King of Spades
8 of Clubs
4 of Clubs
3 of Hearts
2 of Hearts
8 of Spades
The Fool





Card 1: The Sun

Light gives clarity; from darkness we seek out the light and if it burns;
if it turns us to dust under the harshness of its glare,
that is the ultimate liberation for enlightenment frees the soul from its earthly bondage.





Card 2: 3 of Diamonds

Being grateful for what you have at your disposal, or offering thanks to those who have provided. Prioritising where to invest money or effort. Investing wisely in order to see long term gains or profits. Expecting everything to provided for us with little or no effort on our part to earn those provisions.





Card 3: King of Spades

Standing your ground and being equal to the posturing of another. Not acquiescing or walking away when threatened or intimidated. Mutual respect offered and received when faced with the energy of another who would have otherwise assumed a superior role. Ability to bring a perceived threat down to a tolerable level through the use of clear communication. Acceptance of differences and similarities we have with others. This could indicate a person who will face any challenge head on and can back up their actions with appropriate words where necessary.





Card 4: 8 of Clubs

Focus on a journey ahead, despite any apparent signs of upheaval or difficulty in the making. The possibility of ending up some way from where you began your journey or existence. Following through with what you believe is right despite any opposition encountered along the way.












Card 5: 4 of Clubs

Co-operation with others to achieve a common goal. Utilising of individual skills to the benefit of the team as a whole. Acknowledgement of our own personal limitations and knowing when we need to call on the help of others. The willingness to muck in as opposed to acting as a passive observer.





Card 6: 3 of Hearts

The demonstration of being a true friend in circumstances where others may choose to turn a blind eye. Being with someone and accepting them for what they are and who they are. A state whereby it is possible to feel comfortable with the energies of another, even though both parties may be partaking in different activities. The ability to watch over someone we care about without taking on the role of judge and jury should we disagree with their actions.





Card 7: 2 of Hearts

The unconditional sharing on a romantic or spiritual level with another like-minded being. Tuning in to the desires, thoughts and emotions of a person we resonate with whereby we feel we have become one being as opposed to two individuals. If the relationship is unhealthy or not balanced it can indicate one person is being clingy or manipulative of the emotions of their partner.





Card 8: 8 of Spades

Issue of either feeling either trapped or protected, often by the energies of another. The relinquishing of personal freedom. Putting yourself out to ensure the safety or well being of another. Either being smothered by the attentions of someone else, or being the person who is doing the smothering.





Card 9: The Fool

The Fool starts on a journey naive of what to expect, there will be unanticipated surprises. Not one to conform to social norms, The Fool may need to adapt to what lies ahead as the outcome will be unpredictable.

Expect the unexpectated; the situation as The Fool indicates that the outcome may not turn out as planned.






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