Comic Strip Spread

Comic Strip Spread



Difficulty: Easy

Note: This spread works best with decks like the Diary of a Broken Soul or Surrealist Tarot because they display scenes rather than pips and do not use reversals.

The Comic Strip Spread is a simple nine-card chronological spread that looks like a page of a comic book. This method should be used to get a glimpse of the future as it would pan out naturally. It may be insightful to use this spread in coordination with biorhythms. The spread is easy to read as a storyboard, just like a comic strip.

The main subject is apparent in the first card, while the story plays out through the following tarot cards.

It is important to pay particular attention to the cards and the relationships with their neighbours. Notice which directions the cards are facing, and how they interact.










Your Comic Strip Reading

4 of Diamonds
5 of Spades
9 of Clubs
King of Diamonds
2 of Hearts
4 of Spades
King of Clubs
7 of Clubs
10 of Clubs





Card 1: 4 of Diamonds

The coveting of possessions, or taking a protective stance in order to prevent loss. Obsession about what is desired as opposed to focussing on what is already at hand. Hoarding or collecting of more than is actually necessary. Giving an unhealthy or inappropriate sense of importance to certain items under ownership.





Card 2: 5 of Spades

Dilemma of action or inaction. Knowing when to make a stance and fight, and when it is more advisable to wait awhile in the hope conditions become more favourable. A choice of getting involved in someone else's battle or putting personal needs first. The need to weigh up all odds or to evaluate all variables before deciding a course of action.





Card 3: 9 of Clubs

Standing together with others in order to deal with any eventuality or obstacle. This can also indicate you are about to encounter an obstacle of your own which may not be easy to dispel with. The need to consider an approach before you actually encounter the obstacle, so as to be best prepared. The encountering of intense opposition.





Card 4: King of Diamonds

Making do with what you have at hand. Growing or cultivating for yourself, lessening the burden on others to provide for you. Create a sense of discipline and order with everything being in its appropriate place. Keeping of a level head, or having your feet on the ground when considering what is important in life. This could indicate a person who is very good regulating their financial or material life, identifying with and working with any fluctuations around them.












Card 5: 2 of Hearts

The unconditional sharing on a romantic or spiritual level with another like-minded being. Tuning in to the desires, thoughts and emotions of a person we resonate with whereby we feel we have become one being as opposed to two individuals. If the relationship is unhealthy or not balanced it can indicate one person is being clingy or manipulative of the emotions of their partner.





Card 6: 4 of Spades

The need for mental release or relaxation. The taking of a 'time out' from situations that may have been the main contributory factors leading to mental fatigue. Acceptance of limitations, as well as acknowledgment of personal weaknesses. The courage to go public and be open regarding mistakes or shortcomings.





Card 7: King of Clubs

A person with strong beliefs of what is right and what is wrong, and will not be swayed in those beliefs. The ability to cut away anything that has no purpose or use to them. The urge to in right any personal sense of being wronged, flaunting a fighting spirit whereby arguments are backed up with appropriate actions. Coming across as being unforgiving by nature. Being aware of the bigger picture and long-term objective, and the taking of appropriate action regardless of the fact a few toes may be trod on along the way. This could indicate a person who likes to be active and can energise others around them with their enthusiasm.





Card 8: 7 of Clubs

Depending on which character is identified with it could either indicate overcoming adversary against all the odds, or being the victim of the actions of another. Resistance to the fate faced by others. Reluctance to face consequences of personal actions, particularly if they are at the expense of others around you. If the flame is a focal point, it could show that consequences have been acknowledged, and action is being taken to purge the energy or memory of those deeds.





Card 9: 10 of Clubs

Shedding of a load or burden. Letting go of a part of your life that has now run its course and is no longer of relevance. Reflecting on what has perhaps been challenging and assessing how that challenge is now paving the way for the next step or stage of your journey.






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