Horse Shoe Spread

Horse Shoe Spread #1



Difficulty: Easy

The Horse Shoe is an old classic tarot spread. It is more advanced than the 3-card reading, yet simpler than most other spreads. It is a versatile method that can be used for most queries, though there are other spreads which would go into more depth. Like the simple Past, Present, and Future spread, it contains these cards in positions 1, 2, and 7, but also has 4 other cards that help the reader understand how to deal with the Future better. The cards are to be read as follows:

  1. The Past: This card represents past events that are affecting the question.
  2. The Present: This card represents the current state or immediately approaching influence.
  3. Hidden Influences: Things that you may not be aware of, or barely be aware of.
  4. Obstacles: This is the challenge. Obstacles might be avoided, or you may have to deal with them.
  5. External Influences: Attitudes and thoughts about this situation from people around the querent.
  6. Suggestions: Recommended course of action.
  7. The Final Outcome: This card represents what would happen if the suggestion is followed.









Your Horse Shoe Reading


5 of Diamonds
Hidden Influences

7 of Diamonds
  External Influences

8 of Clubs
The Present

King of Hearts

King of Clubs
The Past

2 of Diamonds
  The Outcome

10 of Hearts





The Past Card represents past events that are affecting the question.


2 of Diamonds

Being met with choices or options although there is no clear indication as to which alternative will prove to be the most beneficial. Offering of a choice to another but without giving due guidance as to repercussions of each on offer. Insight may be the key to success. Being wary of what is on offer, questioning the motives behind what is being presented.





The Present Card represents the current state or immediately approaching influence.


King of Hearts

Retaining focus and control of emotions when faced with intense adversary. Being open to the fact it is okay to ask for help or support when it is required. Feeling of numbness on an emotional level. The creating of waves, yet at the same time maintaining a firm grasp on personal thoughts and/or emotions. This may indicate a man who is prone to emotional outbursts, but in the main does work hard at keeping a lid on things.





Hidden Influences - Things that you may not be aware of, or barely be aware of.


7 of Diamonds

Paying attention to the finer detail or to what is actually present as opposed to what could be. Taking ownership of only what is needed, allowing excess or clutter fall to the way side. Possibility of lost opportunities due to too narrow a focus on what is already present. Being happy and content with what you have, not wanting to chase anything that is not needed or necessary at this time.












Obstacle - This is the challenge.


5 of Diamonds

Experiencing of hardship. Acknowledgement that suffering can be partnered with dignity, particularly if it is open to public scrutiny. Either being supported, or the offering support at a time of need. Being receptive to the energies of others, particularly if they are there to help or protect against external influences.





External Influences - Attitudes about this situation from people around the querent.


8 of Clubs

Focus on a journey ahead, despite any apparent signs of upheaval or difficulty in the making. The possibility of ending up some way from where you began your journey or existence. Following through with what you believe is right despite any opposition encountered along the way.





Suggestion - The recommended course of action.


King of Clubs

A person with strong beliefs of what is right and what is wrong, and will not be swayed in those beliefs. The ability to cut away anything that has no purpose or use to them. The urge to in right any personal sense of being wronged, flaunting a fighting spirit whereby arguments are backed up with appropriate actions. Coming across as being unforgiving by nature. Being aware of the bigger picture and long-term objective, and the taking of appropriate action regardless of the fact a few toes may be trod on along the way. This could indicate a person who likes to be active and can energise others around them with their enthusiasm.





The Outcome - What will happen if the suggestion is followed.


10 of Hearts

The end of an emotional journey. A final pause, reflecting back on what has come to pass before continuing with what could be an emotionally charged pathway. Gaining of emotional strength often as a result of having overcome trials and tribulations. Being a beacon of light for others who find their lives tough on an emotional level.






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