Relationship Spread #2

Relationship Spread #2



Difficulty: Easy

This relationship spread focuses more on the common ground of the relationship, with three cards in the middle column showing the common ground. The middle column essentially displays the past, present, and future of the relationship.

Card #4 stands for the common base of the relationship, which may be thought of as the past events which have shaped their characters, bringing them together. The current connection that binds them together is Card #3, indicating the values shared. Card #7 implies the common goals that would keep the pair together moving into the future.

The columns on either side show what each partner brings to the table. Remember, relationships need not be romantic, and the partners could even be groups rather than individuals. In this layout, the other person is on the left-hand side and the reader on the right.

Cards #1 & #2 indicate the separate personalities of each member of the relationship. These cards form a sort of bridge with the cards beneath them, #5 & #6, which show the qualities that each partner offers the other person, and thus to the relationship as a whole.









Your Relationship #2 Reading

  Mutual Goals
Your Qualities
Connection (Present)
Others' Qualities
What You Bring
Common Base (Past)

What They Bring





7: Mutual Goals

The Charioteer

The Charioteer represents a stage of seeking autonomy, self-identity, direction. It is the representation of one's quest in seeking or gaining control; it is also a reminder of how easy everything can become undone.

As the Seeker, The Charioteer suggests a time of trying to control external influences or of losing control completely. It is time to seek a balanced approach.

As a Situation, The Charioteer card suggests a stage of learning how to deal with external influences by gaining control over one's actions.





3: Connection

10 of Clubs

Shedding of a load or burden. Letting go of a part of your life that has now run its course and is no longer of relevance. Reflecting on what has perhaps been challenging and assessing how that challenge is now paving the way for the next step or stage of your journey.





4: Common Base

2 of Spades

Mental anguish or upset. The feeling that circumstances have played a part in the fact you cannot remove obvious restrictions. A position of stalemate in a situation being reached. A real need for lateral thinking if a solution is to become apparent. The ceding of personal power, with the principal belief being that this is how the status quo is meant to be.












2: Your Qualities

The Star

The Star shows the process of formation or disintegration of a nebula. The light from this process takes millions of light years to reach our galaxy millions of years so it is not "the present" moment as we see it. The Star card in The Diary suggests that all tangible things are subject to a cycle of creation that moves at its own pace and direction.

As the seeker, this card indicates that there are aspirations that are yet to be met or have already been fulfilled and it is time to either create the energy necessary for its formation; or allow it to disperse if the creation process is completed. Wishes are thoughts that are formed in the consciousness and it is up to the seeker to manifest it; or allow it to dissipate if it has already run its course.

As a situation, this card suggests a time of evaluating what is required to bring about the reality one wishes to create in one's future that is eventually to form a destiny. It may also suggest that dreams are the seed that requires one's effort to manifest into reality provided the steps are taken to ensure its growth. Without first identifying the situation one wishes to create, the possibility dissipates into unfulfilled aspirations.





1: Their Qualities

7 of Spades

Being manipulated or being manipulative of others with no sound basis or objective for that manipulation. Turning against another who is actually on your side yet is being treated as a type of enemy. Waiting for an opportune moment to disadvantage another. Breakdown in communication leading to a standoff. Mistrust of another person or their motives.





6: What You Bring

5 of Clubs





5: What They Bring

7 of Hearts

The appearance of options or choices but with no indication which may be preferable at the time. Presence of something potentially positive or uplifting, which if ignored may pass by with an opportunity thus being missed. Emotions becoming more linear whereby objectivity is being restored. The feeling of 'running on empty' for a while but with the indication the end of this negative state is within sight.






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