One Card Tarot Reading

Single Card Spread


Difficulty: Very easy

The one card tarot reading is best for times when you want to focus on one thing without any potential complications. It can be used for just about any question you can ask, including to draw a card of the day, week, or even your ultimate destiny. It can also be used in succession, as some readers like to pull one card at a time as a story unfolds. Some readers don’t even like to use actual spreads, relying on this method alone.









Your Card





The Charioteer

The Charioteer represents a stage of seeking autonomy, self-identity, direction. It is the representation of one's quest in seeking or gaining control; it is also a reminder of how easy everything can become undone.

As the Seeker, The Charioteer suggests a time of trying to control external influences or of losing control completely. It is time to seek a balanced approach.

As a Situation, The Charioteer card suggests a stage of learning how to deal with external influences by gaining control over one's actions.









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