Comic Strip Spread

Comic Strip Spread



Difficulty:  Simple

Note:  This spread works best with decks like the Diary of a Broken Soul or Surrealist Tarot because they display scenes rather than pips and do not use reversals.

The Comic Strip Spread is an extremely simple 9-card chronological spread that looks like a page of a comic book. This method should be used to get a glimpse of the future as it would pan out naturally. You may also want to check your biorythm. The spread is easy to read as a story, just like a comic book.

The main subject is apparent in the first card, while the story plays out through the following cards.

Pay particular attention to the cards and the relationships to their neighbors. Notice which directions the cards are facing, and how they interact.









Your Comic Strip Reading

King of Swords
The Empress
4 of Coins
10 of Cups
5 of Cups
10 of Coins
Ace of Cups
4 of Swords
8 of Swords





Card 1: King of Swords

The throne-room looks very tidy, but at the same time very bare. The throne itself has hardly any decoration. The king is protecting himself by his complete dress; his coat of mail can be seen under his shirt; on his chest he is wearing the sign of Libra, an indication of his connection with justice and his role as a judge.

The two butterflies above him indicate that he shows a tendency towards black and white-thinking. The crown, with its three points, refers to the third element, air. His sword is not completely straight and the square tiles in the background emphasize, through the different tones of red, that life cannot be locked away into boxes.





Card 2: The Empress

The illustration represents growth, nature and fertility. One can see certain fruits, including two pomegranates (fertility). The ears of corn represent the Empress' secret crown. The apple is in the shape of a heart. The three fish in the water symbolize feelings and emotionalism, as well as the Empress' figure three.

The illusion of a bowl, in which the fruit is lying, can be connected with conception, the uterus and with pregnancy. The trees present slow growth. The Empress is holding her sceptre in her left hand.





Card 3: 4 of Coins

The safe symbolizes the need for protection. Certain themes are referred to: money, possessions, love and relationships. The star stands for the vision, which is worth holding on to.

The blue-and-white checked-pattern portrays narrow-mindedness through misunderstood reliability. At the bottom of the picture the devil's horns and some hell-fire have found their place, illustrating dependence.





Card 4: 10 of Cups

The sprouting seed refers to actual growth. The heart leads two ends together into a point. The house offers an outward protection for a partnership for life.

The child (small hand) shows itself as being an actual product of its parents' love. The snake suggests that the child will carry this cycle on, one day, as a parent.












Card 5: 5 of Cups

Three cups are spilling their contents. The other two are collecting what is lost, suggesting that nothing can really be lost. Nevertheless the spill is important so that a change can take place.

The tower and the star refer to the cards, which are following the devil, which is related to the five cups. The flames in the tower can be understood as a heart. If the observer turns round he will take the path in the right direction and will not look back.





Card 6: 10 of Coins

The pentacles can be found inside and outside the town, as fruits on trees, as an exchange object, as a value which can bring us beauty, knowledge, nutrition or culture, by us exchanging these values, if necessary, with the help of payment (money).

The wise man knows that only by exchanging our goods amongst ourselves can we make a rich community. One pentacle shows an upside-down pentagram.





Card 7: Ace of Cups

Water is formed from a cloud, due to condensation, and is dripping into a cup. Through this the relationship between water and its opposite energy air is portrayed. If we look carefully all the four elements are present here: water=Water, cup= Earth, cloud= Air and the liberated energy = Fire.





Card 8: 4 of Swords

Three swords are holding a violet cauldron, under which a fire is burning. Something is being "extracted". The violet colour indicates a spiritual process. The sun is setting; nothing more will happen today. To sleep on it will help.

Tomorrow it might be possible to grasp the fourth sword and to take the right path in further conflicts. The path past the white flag is also possible.





Card 9: 8 of Swords

The swords look like a cage. The eye is closed; it is looking into the inner vision; it is trying not to be aware of its own feelings. Some of the fingers are being dipped in the water; there is already contact here. The colours blue and pink show the strong contrast between understanding and emotions, which are trying clear the way for themselves.






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