The Self-Actualization Pyramids Spread

Self-Actualization Pyramids Spread



Difficulty:  Complicated


Basically there is the main pyramid in the center, and two smaller pyramids on each side. One is inverted.

Positions 1 – 3 represent where you have come from, or what has made you/shaped you on the various levels. Can be from environment, upbringing, schooling etc. A look at the past, but with more objectivity than is usually given when using tarot cards.

Positions 4 – 5 represent “who you are now.”  May or may not make pleasant reading but hey, this is what this is about right?

Position 6 represents “who you could be.”  Again it might or might not look good, but you can learn from that and change who you are now accordingly. (This is a bit like how Scrooge did things in "A Christmas Carol")

Positions 7-8 are your strengths. The light you have which can be bought to the forefront. What carries you and should not be hidden or unacknowledged.

Position 9 represents what you should be giving to yourself or creating within.

Position 10 – 11 represent personal areas for development or weaknesses. Again might not make good reading but if you look at your strengths first you will be able to see a balance is there and you can choose to focus on one side or the other… your choice. This is where you could really see how your shadow side comes into play.

Position 12 represents what you should be offering externally, or what you can bring to your world or others who inhabit that world.









Your Self-Actualization Pyramids Reading


Strength #1
Strength #2
Eye Exhibit
Nurture This
Infirmity #1
Infirmity #2
Now #1
  Now #2
Base (past) #1
  Base (past) #2
  Base (past) #3





1: Base #1

6 of Coins

The rich man is reaching over the wall and giving away the surplus of his material goods. The poor man is giving something back; it is unclear how. There is a candle on the side of the rich man, which was concealed on the Five of Pentacles. An unbroken circle of energy emerges.




2: Base #2

Prince of Swords

The strong helmet protects the prince, while, with eyes closed and head bent forward, he is demolishing the hard wall. Some bricks are falling down. A part of the wall looks like a bookcase.

This is all about ancient knowledge and opinions, the details of which are being asked about or, in the truest sense of the word, which are being blown into mid-air. However with his eyes closed the prince cannot take into consideration what he is throwing around.




3: Base #3


The path through the underworld can be seen which eventually leads into light. The path is edged with lilies, the underworld flowers. The abstract archangel Michael is helping to find the right composition for the flow of energy, in other words is on the way through the subconscious (forgotten) to keep a minimal contact going with the conscious e.g. by transmission (documents...)










4: Where you are now #1

6 of Cups

The fluid in the tipped-up cups is combined with the fluid in the sixth cup to form a circle, the upper part of which seems brighter. The book with the title "Memories" stands for reachieved consciousness. The seed is germinating under the influence of other components and shows a new beginning.




5: Where you are now #2

10 of Wands

The intensity of the Nine of Wands diminishes in the Ten of Wands. The colours are paler; it seems more difficult to hold the wands together; at the same time the small flames are burning both hands, the leaves are beginning to wither.




6: Your potential

The Magician

The symbols of all the elements are shown on the picture as possibilities. The eye, with its triangular shape, refers to the Holy Trinity. It seems as though it has just opened and one can recognize the spokes of the Wheel of Fortune in its iris.

The ribbon of eternity shows us how all possibilities can develop in waves out of the one item. The red background supports the energy of the illustration.




7: Strength #1

2 of Coins

The picture is based on a classical presentation. The alternation is portrayed by the changing of the green and yellow colours and in addition through the movement the snake makes around the two pentacles, fashioned in the circle of colours. This appeals to a repetition of experiences. The double loop relates to our entire path through life.




8: Strength #2

The Empress

The illustration represents growth, nature and fertility. One can see certain fruits, including two pomegranates (fertility). The ears of corn represent the Empress' secret crown. The apple is in the shape of a heart. The three fish in the water symbolize feelings and emotionalism, as well as the Empress' figure three.

The illusion of a bowl, in which the fruit is lying, can be connected with conception, the uterus and with pregnancy. The trees present slow growth. The Empress is holding her sceptre in her left hand.




9: Nurture this

9 of Wands

The powerful energy in this situation is emphasized by the intensive colour red in the background. The wands are moving onwards through a magnifying-glass, which bundles up the strength into one item. The blue colour of the magnifying-glass points to conscious action.

Scratches can be seen on the fingers of the hand, which, due to lack of concentration or coordination, come into contact with their own energy and have been recognized on previous cards.










10: Weakness #1

The Wheel of Fortune

In the middle of the diagram three discs can be seen. I often use the number three in the descriptions as a basic universal number. The inner disc is blank. On the second disc we can make out the hourly Roman numerals. They appear anticlockwise to show that time's direction is relative.

The signs of the zodiac on the outer disc show a further meaning for the course of time. Around these discs or rings, as though one could present them how one liked, the four elements are arranged. They seem to be rotating and moving in a circle from light into dark and back again.




11: Weakness #2

Princess of Coins

The many different types of mushrooms fascinate the princess. Each one of them is like a precious stone. She collects everything she finds without considering what to do with them. As one can see, some of the mushrooms are poisonous. Her curiosity and openness can also be a danger to her.

She is in the country. The busy mice look like friends or brothers and sisters.



12: Behavior to exhibit

7 of Wands

The beam in the Five of Wands picture has been supported. On this card a hand has taken over the leadership and restrained the different impulses from the other five hands, or as the case may be, straightened them up so that they cannot cause any more damage to the successful work. The top and the bottom of the picture show the two sides of the number seven.






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