Relationship Spread #2

Relationship Spread #2



Difficulty:  Easy


This relationship spread focuses on the common ground of the relationship, with 3 cards in the middle column showing the common ground. The middle column essentially shows the past, present, and future of the relationship.

Card #4 shows the common base of the relationship, which may be thought of as the past events which have shaped their characters, bringing them together. Card #3 represents the current connection that binds them together, the values they share. Card #7 shows the common goals that would keep them together moving into the future.

The columns on either side show what each partner brings to the table. Remember, relationships need not be romantic, and they partners could even be groups rather than individuals, whatever you choose. In this layout, the other person is on the left hand side, and you, the querent on the right.

Cards #1 & 2 indicate the separate personalities of each member of the relationship. These cards form a sort of bridge with the cards beneath them, #5 & 6, which show the qualities that each partner offers the other person, and thus to the relationship as a whole.









Your Relationship #2 Reading

  Mutual Goals
Your Qualities
Connection (Present)
Others' Qualities
What You Bring
Common Base (Past)

What They Bring





7: Mutual Goals

4 of Wands

The colours portray richness of energy as well as naturalness and balance. The trees are young, which shows the garden has just been laid out. The small fir tree, put up for the topping-out ceremony, is still standing on the roof of the house.

The garden-gate is open and the hand is making an inviting gesture. The wall, however, gives a certain amount of protection and the door can also be closed.

The number four, noticeable in the clouds, in the number of trees and the style of the building stones, emphasize materialism. The mountains in the background indicate that this is most probably not the last project of its sort.





3: Connection

3 of Wands

In front of the rising sun the first posts are being erected for the building of a new house. The hand has taken a firm hold of the wand; part of the wall has already been erected.

The wall symbolizes the appearance of our conceptions. The mountains in the background show the definite ideas and conceptions that will materialize in the future.





4: Common Base

The Hierophant

The pentahedral star in the picture shows how the four elements, which appear in the four lower rays, come into contact with spiritualism. This is represented in the uppermost point by God's eye, in the iris of which the Wheel of Fortune is alluded to. The violet background underlines the principle of spiritualism.

The labyrinth in the middle of the star points to the search for the meaning, which by way of the heart is also a search for the centre. The two hands at the top represent the obvious (exoteric) and the concealed (esoteric). The praying hands at the bottom symbolize the pupil.












2: Your Qualities

Ace of Coins

All the elements are present on the picture, because the element, earth, actually contains all the other elements. The pentacle, as the fourth element, is mounted in a square frame, emphasizing its relationship with the number four.





1: Their Qualities

The Sun

The sun can be seen clearly and it dominates the picture. The last walls are being conquered and in between them flowers are already growing. This lets us suspect that the difficult path is at an end. The path, which continues, can already be seen beyond the wall.





6: What You Bring

10 of Swords





5: What They Bring

9 of Swords

The swords look like teeth, which at any moment could bite. The hands are held up for protection. The eye wants to open, but its vision is obstructed.

The waning moon emphasizes the existing fear. The sunrise is at hand. Roses promise development, joy of life and the coming forth of emotions in the near future.






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