The Love Triangle Spread

The Love Triangle Spread



Difficulty:  Somewhat Complicated


This spread can be used to determine the dynamics of the relationship between 3 people, whether or not romance is involved. This spread is drawn in the form of a hexagram, consisting of several large and small triangles. This spread is somewhat complicated, but only because of the complicated nature of this type of relationship.

The first step is to interpret the card for each individual position in the spread. Generally the querent asks about a relationship that he or she is involved with, but this does not have to be the case. Ordinarily the querent's representative card is #1, the querent's person of interest is #2, and the other person would be #3.

The second step fills in the downward triangle and involves further examination of the individuals through their views of the other people. Each person has 2 more cards showing the way they see and relate to the other members of the triangle. For example, Card #6 shows how Person #3 relates to Person #1, while Card #9 shows Person #1's attitude toward Person #3.

The next step completes the upward triangle and the hexagram, focusing on cards 10-13. It also completes the many smaller triangles and shows the potential for each relationship. The final card, #13 can be considered the significator of the reading, which shows the overall potential for this 3-way relationship.









Your Love Triangle Reading


P#3   3to2 2+3
2to3   P#2
3to1 Overall 2to1
1+3 1to3 1to2 1+2




1: Person #1

The Fool

The bright colours symbolize many possibilities. The Fool is holding the pilgrim's staff in his hand. Water and fish indicate openness and vivacity. The butterflies also indicate different ideas and a joy of living.

The golden yellow background gives the scene energy of life. One can see the tip of the Fool's cap. The cross, or rather the handle of the sword in the background, gives an awareness of danger, which is lurking along the path the Fool is going to take.




2: Person #2

4 of Coins

The safe symbolizes the need for protection. Certain themes are referred to: money, possessions, love and relationships. The star stands for the vision, which is worth holding on to.

The blue-and-white checked-pattern portrays narrow-mindedness through misunderstood reliability. At the bottom of the picture the devil's horns and some hell-fire have found their place, illustrating dependence.




3: Person #3

9 of Wands

The powerful energy in this situation is emphasized by the intensive colour red in the background. The wands are moving onwards through a magnifying-glass, which bundles up the strength into one item. The blue colour of the magnifying-glass points to conscious action.

Scratches can be seen on the fingers of the hand, which, due to lack of concentration or coordination, come into contact with their own energy and have been recognized on previous cards.










4: Person #1's view of #2

4 of Wands

The colours portray richness of energy as well as naturalness and balance. The trees are young, which shows the garden has just been laid out. The small fir tree, put up for the topping-out ceremony, is still standing on the roof of the house.

The garden-gate is open and the hand is making an inviting gesture. The wall, however, gives a certain amount of protection and the door can also be closed.

The number four, noticeable in the clouds, in the number of trees and the style of the building stones, emphasize materialism. The mountains in the background indicate that this is most probably not the last project of its sort.




5: Person #2's view of #3

6 of Swords

The hand is fairly big, which makes the boot seem small and unsteady. It is consciously trying to keep in contact with the water and the creatures living in it.

Six swords are on board and are supposed to be giving protection. The scene is dark and a little sinister. The colours portray a mixture of emotionality and consciousness. The moon is waxing. The path through uncertainties and fears can take time.




6: Person #3's view of #1

7 of Wands

The beam in the Five of Wands picture has been supported. On this card a hand has taken over the leadership and restrained the different impulses from the other five hands, or as the case may be, straightened them up so that they cannot cause any more damage to the successful work. The top and the bottom of the picture show the two sides of the number seven.




7: Person #2's view of #1


A sceptre and a sword seem to be fighting. Water and fire, portrayed in striking red, stand for subconscious strength. They are kept under control by the symbols of earth and air, the conscious elements, portrayed by the sword (clarity), the house (stability) and the wall (limits, firmness). The violet colour of the wall also shows a penetration of the colours red and blue.

The trees also contain this mixture of the elements, but they are growing cautiously as well as the clouds, water, which so to speak, becomes air (gaseous). They also stand for integration, which on the one hand makes us more flexible but on the other hand obscures things. The lemniscates, which can be seen clearly in magic, can be found in the two trees in the top left corner. It illustrates swinging into the next bend.




8: Person #3's view of #2

3 of Coins

The picture shows an attestation as a symbol of real development and change, framed by symbols of different areas of life: a fish, sausages, a hammer and compass for handicrafts, a lute, a palette and brushes for art, a book for knowledge, appreciation and education, the two hands for social understanding.




9: Person #1's view of #3

The Tower

A small ray of light shines through a crack in the wall and arouses our yearning for freedom and knowledge. The prison walls burst open and we can escape. We have already taken hold of the sword which stands for differentiation, consciousness and independent thought.

The monarch's insignia of the Emperor shows we are prepared to reconquer the seat on our own throne.










10: Overall relationship between persons #1 and #2

10 of Cups

The sprouting seed refers to actual growth. The heart leads two ends together into a point. The house offers an outward protection for a partnership for life.

The child (small hand) shows itself as being an actual product of its parents' love. The snake suggests that the child will carry this cycle on, one day, as a parent.




11: Overall relationship between persons #2 and #3


The path through the underworld can be seen which eventually leads into light. The path is edged with lilies, the underworld flowers. The abstract archangel Michael is helping to find the right composition for the flow of energy, in other words is on the way through the subconscious (forgotten) to keep a minimal contact going with the conscious e.g. by transmission (documents...)



12: Overall relationship between persons #1 and #3

7 of Coins

Seven pentacles are lying on a heap of leaves which is being swept up. They look like unusable fruit. Two tears show that the sweeper is grieving over his lost harvest. The star in the background suggests that the loss is small in comparison with the high goal which is being aimed at.




13: Overall 3-way Relationship

3 of Cups

All the equipment for a celebration is united, wine, food, fireworks, love, happiness and society. There is nothing missing. The snake, which is biting its tail, suggests that celebrations begin and end. We let them come and go, like fireworks; they do not last very long.





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