The Love Triangle Spread

The Love Triangle Spread



Difficulty:  Somewhat Complicated


This spread can be used to determine the dynamics of the relationship between 3 people, whether or not romance is involved. This spread is drawn in the form of a hexagram, consisting of several large and small triangles. This spread is somewhat complicated, but only because of the complicated nature of this type of relationship.

The first step is to interpret the card for each individual position in the spread. Generally the querent asks about a relationship that he or she is involved with, but this does not have to be the case. Ordinarily the querent's representative card is #1, the querent's person of interest is #2, and the other person would be #3.

The second step fills in the downward triangle and involves further examination of the individuals through their views of the other people. Each person has 2 more cards showing the way they see and relate to the other members of the triangle. For example, Card #6 shows how Person #3 relates to Person #1, while Card #9 shows Person #1's attitude toward Person #3.

The next step completes the upward triangle and the hexagram, focusing on cards 10-13. It also completes the many smaller triangles and shows the potential for each relationship. The final card, #13 can be considered the significator of the reading, which shows the overall potential for this 3-way relationship.









Your Love Triangle Reading


P#3   3to2 2+3
2to3   P#2
3to1 Overall 2to1
1+3 1to3 1to2 1+2




1: Person #1

7 of Wands

The beam in the Five of Wands picture has been supported. On this card a hand has taken over the leadership and restrained the different impulses from the other five hands, or as the case may be, straightened them up so that they cannot cause any more damage to the successful work. The top and the bottom of the picture show the two sides of the number seven.




2: Person #2

The Sun

The sun can be seen clearly and it dominates the picture. The last walls are being conquered and in between them flowers are already growing. This lets us suspect that the difficult path is at an end. The path, which continues, can already be seen beyond the wall.




3: Person #3

5 of Wands

The beam of a building or some construction shows a definite crack and looks as if it will soon break; therefore there is need for action. Five different coloured hands are trying to mend it by supporting the beam with stakes. But they are lacking in coordination and a united aim. One has the impression that the stakes could form an upside-down five-pointed star.










4: Person #1's view of #2

7 of Swords

The left hand points to the new path towards intuition and the subconscious. The colours correspond with those of the Cups. The right hand tends to turn towards the swords. This area is dominated by the colour blue. The question is how many swords should be taken on the journey.




5: Person #2's view of #3

8 of Wands

The sketch quotes the picture from the Raider-Waite deck. Eight wands are flying through the air.




6: Person #3's view of #1

9 of Cups

The content of the nine cups is being poured over the picture and meets in a whirlpool in the middle. Three colours refer to the number three, out of which the number nine (3x3) exists. Notes (music/art), grapes (food/drink) and a heart (love/friendship) stand for areas which contain pleasure and well-being.

The colour red points to warmth, blue symbolizes refreshment. The colour green can be understood as referring to a negative aspect on the card e.g. exaggerated personal pleasure.




7: Person #2's view of #1

2 of Wands

The picture shows coloured energy as well as a certain pallor. The brown colour suggests to us, stuck in the earth, that the right wand could help us.

The hand appears to be hesitant, the waning moon points to fear, the flag of parliament indicates false compromises. The waves in the middle show the situation's emotions.




8: Person #3's view of #2

King of Cups

The king's figure and features show a certain easy-going nature and goodness. The throne's decoration underlines the qualities of love and joy which are engraved on him.

He is holding a gift in his right hand. He is very much aware that presents play an important role in friendships. The table in the background, prepared for festivities, encourages a social gathering.




9: Person #1's view of #3

Prince of Wands

The prince appears unexpectedly in the picture. We are slightly alarmed. He looks as though he were made of fire and he seems to be setting his surroundings on fire.

He is lifting his wand as though to fight and moves everything out of his way. But the purple vase, which he has broken in his haste, might have perhaps been useful to him. He hardly notices it, the contents are now lost. In the background a volcano is erupting and pouring its lava over the picture.










10: Overall relationship between persons #1 and #2

5 of Cups

Three cups are spilling their contents. The other two are collecting what is lost, suggesting that nothing can really be lost. Nevertheless the spill is important so that a change can take place.

The tower and the star refer to the cards, which are following the devil, which is related to the five cups. The flames in the tower can be understood as a heart. If the observer turns round he will take the path in the right direction and will not look back.




11: Overall relationship between persons #2 and #3

The High Priestess

The two eyes indicate that the High Priestess perceives the polarity in their dualism but doesn't take any valuation into account. The light and the dark side can be seen, as well as the waning and waxing moon and the full-moon, which unites and contains both sides.

The water and the two fish also symbolize the connection, the flow of energy and the dualism. The feather stands for the High Priestess' sensitiveness, the pomegranate for her fertility.



12: Overall relationship between persons #1 and #3

Queen of Swords

The queen is holding the butterfly carefully on her lap. At the same time she is showing the detached chain and is banishing the black butterfly to the guillotine.

The blood on the ground shows clearly that the apparatus has already been used. She does not look callous; instead, she looks grievous and resolute. Her collar, studded with 15 precious stones, indicates she is sometimes struck dumb by little devils, the result of painful experiences.




13: Overall 3-way Relationship

4 of Coins

The safe symbolizes the need for protection. Certain themes are referred to: money, possessions, love and relationships. The star stands for the vision, which is worth holding on to.

The blue-and-white checked-pattern portrays narrow-mindedness through misunderstood reliability. At the bottom of the picture the devil's horns and some hell-fire have found their place, illustrating dependence.





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