Path Spread

Path Spread #1



Difficulty: Easy

For the Path reading, one asks for suggestions how to behave properly to achieve a desired result. The Current column represents how the reader has been acting, and the Suggestedcolumn suggests how they should act to achieve a certain goal. The chart-like spread uses the standard three levels: Rational, Emotional, and External Stance (how one projects oneself outwardly). When comparing the Current and Suggested cards, the most important thing is to notice the differences between the two cards. It is these differences which hint at the behaviours that should be altered.

Card #1 is the significator, the card which should reflect the nature of the query and/or the desired outcome.

Card #2 shows the way the reader is and has been thinking. Card #7 suggests how to change the way one thinks to serve themselves better.

Card #3 suggests the reader's emotional attitude. Though it may seem difficult to manipulate one's own emotions, it can be done if one puts their mind to it. For example, acting a certain way such as smiling intently for a few minutes will lead the emotions to follow. When a person tries this, as silly as the exercise seems, they find this to evoke the emotion of happiness. For this reading, one should try to make themselves feel the way that Card #6 suggests.

External Stance means how one acts outwardly, how they hope others see them. Card #4 is about how the reader has been acting, while #5 indicates how they should act outwardly, for other people's sake. It is the differences between these cards that hint at what behaviour patterns should be altered.









Your Path Reading

  Current The Significator

6 of Swords
9 of Wands
9 of Pentacles
The Slave
2 of Pentacles
External Stance
The Star
6 of Pentacles





The Significator

6 of Swords

Something has to make the rain come down. It got up there but once there's enough of it, it falls back to Earth. It's not enough just to let it happen, if you want to understand you have to observe.





Current Thoughts

9 of Wands

Thank you Mario, but your princess is in another castle. Besides, this one's blocked by a cypress tree fence. Lofty goals are nothing if you can't get to them.





Suggested Thoughts

9 of Pentacles

Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Dzugdzugdzug.

Realistically, profit isn't hanging in the sky to be taken. If you take it, you're taking it from somebody. And you don't just get to smoosh them.












Current Emotions

The Slave

7:00 – Card 3

AKA The Chariot in traditional Tarot. Female, Water, Aquarius.

To be used, controlled, or even simply employed. It's hard to work for the will of another, especially when the other is undeserving of their power over you. At the same time, the effort makes one strong.





Suggested Emotions

2 of Pentacles

Some cultures to this day place coins upon the eyes of the dead to pay the ferryman who will take them to the land of the dead. I'm guessing one eyed individuals travel at half fare and the blind go for free.

In reality, you can't take a cent with you. Spend it while you're alive.





Current External Stance

The Star

AKA The Star in traditional Tarot.

In this case it's Perseus slaying Medusa, a homage to Marqueste's sculpture.

Crowley explained every man and woman is a star. Astrologically, we all effect the fates with our rises and falls. We also congregate into bodies which are no mere illusion, but powerful forces in time. Other people have power over you, but you too have power over them.





Suggested External Stance

6 of Pentacles

Don't overlook a good solution just because it's obvious.






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