Relationship Spread #2

Relationship Spread #2



Difficulty: Easy

This relationship spread focuses more on the common ground of the relationship, with three cards in the middle column showing the common ground. The middle column essentially displays the past, present, and future of the relationship.

Card #4 stands for the common base of the relationship, which may be thought of as the past events which have shaped their characters, bringing them together. The current connection that binds them together is Card #3, indicating the values shared. Card #7 implies the common goals that would keep the pair together moving into the future.

The columns on either side show what each partner brings to the table. Remember, relationships need not be romantic, and the partners could even be groups rather than individuals. In this layout, the other person is on the left-hand side and the reader on the right.

Cards #1 & #2 indicate the separate personalities of each member of the relationship. These cards form a sort of bridge with the cards beneath them, #5 & #6, which show the qualities that each partner offers the other person, and thus to the relationship as a whole.









Your Relationship #2 Reading

  Mutual Goals
Your Qualities
Connection (Present)
Others' Qualities
What You Bring
Common Base (Past)

What They Bring





7: Mutual Goals

Queen of Pentacles

You can prefer quality over quantity or quantity over quality, but both are valid for different applications. Sometimes a lot of cheap crap does the job, sometimes fewer of the finest is better. Know which is which and don't mistake the two. When in doubt, go with tons of the best.





3: Connection

9 of Cups

A whole lot of cargo looks minimal when it's loaded onto a gigantic ship. This applies to more than one might expect.





4: Common Base

Queen of Cups

Queen Bees begin developing in specially constructed cells within the hive. They are often oriented differently from other cells in the honeycomb, and are filled with Royal Jelly, a substance which determines the physiology of the queen to be.












2: Your Qualities


Bravery and strength can get one killed, but they're still pretty badass. Don't fear what you needn't fear, but don't get carried away.





1: Their Qualities

Ace of Cups

AKA 2angels1grail in traditional 4chan. If you're offended, figure out why you're offended and excise the weakness.





6: What You Bring

The Sun





5: What They Bring

Page of Swords

Chaos is dangerous to both belligerents. If you have all the arms and all the thorns in the world, you're just as much a danger to yourself if you don't keep track of them.






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