The Love Triangle Spread

The Love Triangle Spread



Difficulty:  Somewhat Complicated


This spread can be used to determine the dynamics of the relationship between 3 people, whether or not romance is involved. This spread is drawn in the form of a hexagram, consisting of several large and small triangles. This spread is somewhat complicated, but only because of the complicated nature of this type of relationship.

The first step is to interpret the card for each individual position in the spread. Generally the querent asks about a relationship that he or she is involved with, but this does not have to be the case. Ordinarily the querent's representative card is #1, the querent's person of interest is #2, and the other person would be #3.

The second step fills in the downward triangle and involves further examination of the individuals through their views of the other people. Each person has 2 more cards showing the way they see and relate to the other members of the triangle. For example, Card #6 shows how Person #3 relates to Person #1, while Card #9 shows Person #1's attitude toward Person #3.

The next step completes the upward triangle and the hexagram, focusing on cards 10-13. It also completes the many smaller triangles and shows the potential for each relationship. The final card, #13 can be considered the significator of the reading, which shows the overall potential for this 3-way relationship.









Your Love Triangle Reading


P#3   3to2 2+3
2to3   P#2
3to1 Overall 2to1
1+3 1to3 1to2 1+2




1: Person #1

Queen of Swords

Homage to Wagner. Brnnhilde lays asleep on the mountain surrounded by magic fire, waiting for Siegfried. Only he who wasn't afraid of Wotan's spear could pass the fire. And when that romance didn't work out, she burned down Valhalla and left Earth to the mortals.

Not everyone can have what they want. A man who can't sing isn't going to be the world's greatest singer. Know yourself, know what you can do, and don't squander what you have trying to win something you won't. But also know when to try, and what's worth never giving up on.




2: Person #2

The Star

AKA The Star in traditional Tarot.

In this case it's Perseus slaying Medusa, a homage to Marqueste's sculpture.

Crowley explained every man and woman is a star.Astrologically, we all effect the fates with our rises and falls.We also congregate into bodies which are no mere illusion, but powerful forces in time.Other people have power over you, but you too have power over them.




3: Person #3

4 of Wands

If you lost the means to do what you will, try retracing your steps. You had them before, you should be able to find them again. Unless they fell into the sewer, that would totally suck.










4: Person #1's view of #2

7 of Wands

The BLOB! The blob has taken the streets! It's reproducing, the blob will kill us all!!! THE BLOOOOB!!!!!!!!!!




5: Person #2's view of #3

5 of Cups

The problem with a hand of glory is that wax melts and glory fades.




6: Person #3's view of #1

6 of Wands

If you're stuck, the first step to freedom is to examine what's holding you in place.




7: Person #2's view of #1

Knight of Pentacles

Stone is hard and sand is soft, yet one can erode the other in time and fundamentally, both are the exact same thing. Odd that the smaller of the two can destroy the larger and make it more like itself. Also note the Wolfsangle rune.




8: Person #3's view of #2

9 of Pentacles

Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Da-Dling! Dzugdzugdzug.

Realistically, profit isn't hanging in the sky to be taken. If you take it, you're taking it from somebody. And you don't just get to smoosh them.




9: Person #1's view of #3

Queen of Wands

An homage to H.R. Giger's Alien Hieroglyphs and an insult to perspective. A wand that does nothing more than sap the life from you and squirt it down the drain.










10: Overall relationship between persons #1 and #2

The Empress

Regime change in action, it happens more in the sewers than the senates. One goes out, another comes in.




11: Overall relationship between persons #2 and #3

Queen of Pentacles

You can prefer quality over quantity or quantity over quality, but both are valid for different applications. Sometimes a lot of cheap crap does the job, sometimes fewer of the finest is better. Know which is which and don't mistake the two. When in doubt, go with tons of the best.



12: Overall relationship between persons #1 and #3

The Fool

6:00 - Card 0

Male, Water, Pisces.

Ignorance is a trait of the most basic. To let the currents of time and fate dictate ones actions completely, to seek the lowest, easiest path will lead one downwards. One's hunger will destroy what's beautiful, resulting in the squandering of things put to better use.




13: Overall 3-way Relationship

The Tower

10:00 - Card 4

Male, Earth, Libra.

Failure and Loss. Defeat and ruin. The higher it's built, the harder it falls and the more it crushes when it does. That doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't worth building. Defeat can be accepted and the ruins left behind in favor of greener pastures, or one can start to rebuild. The latter is more difficult, but often more rewarding.





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