Ansuz Rune Meaning

WoodPolished WoodOpal
Red JasperTiger EyeIce
Banded OpalPink OpalMalachite

Ansuz is a powerful rune, also known as Os or Ass, which holds deep spiritual significance in the Nordic tradition. It is the name of Odin, the Norse god of wisdom and knowledge, and represents order, rebirth, consciousness, mental agility, and communication. The symbol of Ansuz is believed to offer protection and connection to the divine, allowing one to access spiritual messages, receive guidance, and gain wisdom.

Ansuz is closely associated with the spoken word, communication, and creative expression. It holds the power of signs, symbols, and names, enabling us to receive messages from the universe and understand the deeper meaning behind them. Acceptance of good advice is essential to unlocking the blessings of this rune, while non-acceptance can lead to misunderstanding, manipulation, and delusion. Vanity and arrogance can also deceive oneself, so it is important to approach this rune with an open mind and a humble spirit.

The Wolf, Raven, Horse, Vulture, Eagle, Hawk, Falcon, Bear, Tiger, Cheetah, Cat, Hound, Fox, Butterfly, Parrot, Mockingbird, Cockatoo, Emu, Snake, Turkey, and Scorpion are animals associated with Ansuz. The stone of Lapis lazuli and herb of Fly agaric are believed to enhance the power of this rune, while the element of Air signifies the connection between the spiritual and the physical world.

In magic, Ansuz is believed to increase magical powers and instinctive abilities. It helps one to connect with divine power and knowledge, communicate with the divine within, and find creative inspiration. The rune can also provide assistance during times of change, allowing us to change form and work closely with power animals to guide us on our journey.

Questions to Consider

  • In what areas of your life do you struggle to communicate effectively? How can Ansuz help you in this area?
  • What creative projects or pursuits are calling you? How can you use the power of Ansuz to tap into your creative potential and bring your ideas to life?

Exercise Ideas

  • Practise writing down your dreams upon waking and reflect on the messages they may hold for you. Look for symbols and signs that may offer guidance and insight.
  • Meditate on the symbol of Ansuz and focus on connecting with the divine within. Allow any messages or guidance to come through, and write them down in a journal.





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