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Alternate Names:  Eys, Ehol, Ior, Eoh, Eykur, Eh, Eol
Ancient Meaning:  The equine form of the twin gods or heroes
Keywords:  Duality, movement, partnership, interaction, harmony
This rune typically signifies big changes – changes for the better.  Transportation.  May represent a horse, car, plane, boat or other vehicle.  Slow but steady progress is indicated.  Trust, loyalty, harmony, teamwork, an ideal partnership.

This rune also strengthens adjacent runes, adding clarification and solidarity to their meanings when in doubt.  It is also connected with science and higher education.  Communication reaches peak harmony.

Ill-dignification could mean a change is craved.  Haste, disharmony, betrayal.  Feeling trapped.  Paranoia and superstition.


Astrological Correspondence:  Gemini
Tarot Correspondence:  The Lovers
Gods/Goddesses:  Freyja, Frey
Color:  White
Tree:  Oak/Ash
Herb:  Ragwort
Stones:  Milky Quartz, Diamond, Clear Quartz, Pearl, Amber
Animals:  Horse, hound, boar, cat, goat, falcon, hawk, eagle, bear
Element:  Earth
Brings wisdom
Increases magical potency
Speeds personal patterns
Enhances harmony in relationships

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