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Alternate Names:  Algis, Algiz, Eolh, Elgr
Ancient Meaning: Sheltering force, Protection
Keywords:  Spirit, protection, sanctuary, refuge, power, divinity
Elhaz is concerned with security, protection, and defense.  Warding off of evil, shield, guardian.  Connection with the gods, awakening, higher purpose, divine inspiration, channeling energy or spirits, spiritual enlightenment.  This rune is connected to shamans and alternative medicine that are no longer popular in today’s society.  May indicate a need of retreat for introspection.

Follow your instincts.  Elhaz warns that people may want to push you into doing something against your will.  You must stand your ground to maintain the rewards of your success or to maintain a position earned.

Ill-dignification warns you to watch for people taking advantage of you.  Be careful not to take on their burdens.  Can mean hidden danger, deception, confusion, reversal of fortune, weakening of the divine link.  Taboo, warning, peril, repugnance.  A creative drought.


Astrological Correspondence:  Cancer
Tarot Correspondence:  The Moon
Gods/Goddesses: Heimdall, Valkyries.
Color:  Rainbow
Tree:  Yew
Herb:  Angelica
Stones:  Rainbow Tourmaline, Fluorite, Agate, Jasper, Diamond
Animals:  Elk, reindeer, swan, goose, stag (hart), ram, wolf, raven, horse, cat, bat, owl, crab, lobster, wasp, goat, boar, crane, blackbird, hound, bear, porcupine, wolverine, cock, cougar, starfish, eagle, hawk, magpie, mongoose
Element:  Air
Enhances the completion stage of your patterns
Understands celestial correlation and synchronicity
Increases healing powers





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