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Alternate Names:  Icz, Iss, Is
Ancient Meaning:  Cosmic cohesion
Keywords:  Statis-quo, constraint, massive force, gradual integration, delay
A mental block presents a frustrating challenge.  A standstill, when patience is a blessing, it is a good time search within one’s self for clarity, a great opportunity for meditation.  This rune reinforces runes around it.

Ill-dignification of this rune may mean ego-mania, self-absorption, blindness, and dissipation of willpower.  Delusion, deceit, guile, stealth, ambush, plots, grievances, treachery, betrayal.


Astrological Correspondence:  Moon
Tarot Correspondence:  The Hermit
Gods/Goddesses:  Rime, Verdandi, Skadi
Color:  White
Tree:  Alder
Herb:  Henbane
Stones:  Milky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Opal, Moonstone
Animals:  Polar bear, whale, walrus, elephant (mammoth), manatee, bald eagle, sea gull, turtle, anaconda, water buffalo, reindeer, clam, moose, penguin
Element:  Water
Enhances concentration and focus
Ability to recognize patterns
Slows down energy without stopping it
Balances the ego
Heightened awareness of harmony
Heightened awareness of potential danger





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