Wood Polished Wood Opal
Banded Opal Pink Opal Malachite
Red Jasper Tiger Eye Ice
Alternate Names: Gaar, Ar, Ger, Jara
Ancient Meaning: Sun cycle, life cycle
Keywords: Cycles, right action, completion, fertility, natural law
Jera is a rune of harvest, abundance, reward, fortune, completion, and putting things in order. The fruits of earlier labours are ripe for the picking. Abundant peace and contentedness due to a nice surplus. The promise of success earned. The life cycle of eternal change, which rules the universe.

Ill-dignification can mean a sudden setback or reversal of fortune. A major change, bad timing, conflict, poverty, or getting stuck in a loop.

Astrological Correspondence: The Sun
Tarot Correspondence: The Emperor
Gods/Goddesses: Frey
Colour: Green
Tree: Oak
Herb: Rosemary
Stones: Emerald, malachite, aventurine, green tourmaline
Animals: Eagle, boar, horse, hound, bear, squirrel, grasshopper, chipmunk, cow deer, duck, hare, ladybug, peacock, swallow
Element: Earth

  • Understanding oneness
  • Works with cyclical patterns
  • Increased creativity and fertility
  • Increased harmony





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