Wood Polished Wood Opal
Banded Opal Pink Opal Malachite
Red Jasper Tiger Eye Ice
Alternate Names: Noicz, Naud, Naudr, Nied
Ancient Meaning: Need, help
Keywords: Need, help, resistance, deliverance from distress, love, passion, shadow self
Naudhiz warns about awareness of one’s limitations. But resistance builds strength. Delays, restrictions, confusion, conflict, and the will to defeat them. Endurance, survival, determination. Patience and endurance is called for.  Innovation, adaptation, and independence. The will power to direct one’s fate.

An opportunity may not be what it seems. A suggestion to wait before making any important decisions. Tension in relationships is likely. If a risk has been taken, results are still forthcoming. Stress and frustration are also associated with this sign.

Astrological Correspondence: Capricorn
Tarot Correspondence: The Fool
Gods/Goddesses: Skuld
Colour: Black
Tree: Beech
Herb: Bistort
Stones: Haematite, obsidian, onyx, smoky quartz
Animals:  Wolf, dragon, hound, fox, squirrel, spider, cuckoo, serpent, crow, donkey, firefly, flea, meerkat, moth
Element:  Fire

  • Protection
  • Affirms decisions
  • Increases precognitive ability
  • Aids in overcoming mental blocks





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