Wood Polished Wood Opal
Banded Opal Pink Opal Malachite
Red Jasper Tiger Eye Ice
Alternate Names: Sugil, Sol, Sigel, Sulu, Sil, Sulhil, Sigo
Ancient Meaning: The solar wheel, thunderbolt
Keywords: Partnership, journey, power, transformation, understanding
Sowilo is the sun: the life source of the world, the destroyer of ice. The life-force, health. A time to grab the reins of power to make positive changes in one’s life. It is a rune of fortune, health, clarity of thought, vitality, accomplishment, and victory. Contact between the higher self and the unconscious.

Success, glory, honour, victory, health, and success. Wholeness, fullness, raw power, primordial force, natural phenomenon, sword of fire, baptism by fire. This very powerful and generally positive rune sheds the light of a sunny day on a reading.

Ill-dignification suggests bad ideals, bad company, tainted victory, trickery. Excessive force, destruction, retribution, bad karma.

Astrological Correspondence: The Sun
Tarot Correspondence: The Sun
Gods/Goddesses: Sol
Colour: Gold
Tree: Juniper
Herb: Mistletoe
Stones: Ruby, carnelian, citrine, golden topaz, cat’s-eye
Animals: Cat, wolf, boar, horse, bear, ground hog, blue jay, camel, cock, salamander, bee, cheetah, lizard, peacock, robin, snake
Element: Fire

  • Strengthens your magical patterns
  • Develops your extrasensory talents
  • Directs one’s path toward enlightenment
  • Benefits the manifestation of your patterns





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