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Alternate Names:  Tys, Tyr, Tir, Tiw, Ty
Ancient Meaning:  The Original Gods
Keywords:  Justice, order, victory, support, self-sacrifice, faith, loyalty
Tiwaz is the warrior rune, and also one of the runes of love.  It is concerned with self-knowledge, self-actualization, leadership, authority, rationality, honor, justice, and self-sacrifice.  Opportunities should be seized.  Success is indicated by this rune, particularly in competitive and legal matters.

Ill-dignification can mean writer’s block, creative slump, over-analysis, over-sacrifice, injustice, imbalance.  Conflict, strife, and losing in competitive matters.  A lack of passion, miscommunication, even a separation.  The male in a relationship may be involved for superficial reasons.


Astrological Correspondence:  Libra
Tarot Correspondence:  Justice
Gods/Goddesses:  Tyr
Color:  Bright Red
Tree:  Oak
Herb:  Sage
Stones:  Ruby, Garnet, Jasper, Bloodstone, Golden Topaz, Citrine
Animals:  Wolf, falcon, hawk, hound, owl, bear
Element:  Air
Reinforces one’s connection to the universe
Interpretation of what needs to be done
Successful completion of patterns
Charges spiritual energy
Teaches order





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