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Alternate Names:  Uuinne, Vend, Wynn, Vin
Ancient Meaning:  Interaction of those with the same heritage
Keywords:  Joy, pleasure, hope, delight, kinship, fellowship, wonderment.
An omen of prosperity on the horizon. Projects relating to creativity, art, or intuition are favored by this rune.  A sign of comfort, pleasure, comradery, joy, and harmony.

Glory, ecstasy, and spiritual frenzy.  If controlled, success and general increase of one’s personal stock.  If unloosed, over-enthusiastic zeal can lead to maniacal raving, going berzerk.  Don’t blow your top.



Astrological Correspondence:  Leo
Tarot Correspondence:  The Sun
Gods/Goddesses:  Frey, Wodan, Uller
Color:  Gold
Tree:  Ash
Herb:  Flax
Stones:  Diamond, Golden Topaz, Amber
Animals:  Boar, wolf, raven, horse, stag, hound, lion, bluebird, dolphin, dove, hummingbird, elephant, kingfisher, cat, bee, spider
Element:  Earth
Fortifies friendships
Increased personal satisfaction
Increased sense of purpose
Strengthens family bonds
Binds energy fields together





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