The Emperor

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Surrealist Tarot
Diary of a Broken Soul
bifrost Tarot
Langustl Tarot



As usual, on this card Langustl and bifrost stay well within standard tarot traditions. Langustl pictures the Emperor’s crown and the ram sign of Aries, with him – you, holding the royal orb and sceptre. Langustl and bifrost bear RWS influence, all 3 having the man holding the sceptre in his right hand, orb in the left. Apart from the heavy Thoth influence in bifrost and Langustl, and it should be noted that bifrost’s version makes a direct match with its mate, as if the two are essentially one card.


Diary of a Broken Soul also stays close to occult tradition on this card, showing the Emperor seated on the ram-head-throne. In matching with the Empress the same way bifrost does, his throne is surrounded by roses. Instead of the standard tools, he brandishes a sword. Like his wife, his strength lies in his laid back confidence. Believing in one’s self makes others believe too.



Surrealist puts a weird twist on yet another card, showing the Emperor’s not so benevolent side. The Surrealist version is a monster deity who has impaled one of his subjects unmercifully. Some decks just don’t need reversed interpretations, and this one is a very good example why. Yet even in the pair’s matching lust to abuse power, there is a distinct dark humor in their methods.





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