The Empress Card Meaning


The Empress is often shown seated on a throne in the wilderness. Her crown stands for her earthly power as given by the divine, represented by the ball. As Empress, she is master of her environment, knowing how to make the land very fertile. She has an elegant confidence in the way she carries herself. She is appealing in ways that almost seem contradictory. Because of her universal appeal, she is regarded as divine.

The Empress has a strong connection to the Priestess, who acts as her spiritual advisor. The pair represent the epitome of the feminine side of reality. Although she reigns over the physical realm, her power is deeply spiritual in nature. As such, her goals are to foster a peaceful, united society that works towards the best interests of everyone.

When this card appears, it is suggesting that you may desire to make a change in your life. Whether it involves your romantic, professional, or personal life, you have the ability to initiate this change. When you think things through, you’ll realise what it’s going to take to make this happen.

Experience has made you more confident over time, and you’re at a point where you know what you want and are ready to get it. This card suggests that it is a great time to begin new projects that you can fully devote yourself to. The secret of success lies in balancing authority with kindness. As long as you are careful not to be too overbearing, your team will be loyal and productive.

As no single person can do everything herself, it is important that you show confidence in your team. Let them focus on their responsibilities while you focus on management. Also, remember that it’s important to set realistic goals and deadlines, and always be considerate of stress on both yourself and your team.

Questions to Consider

  • If you could improve your own surroundings and situation in life, how do you think it would affect those who you care about? How can you go about doing this most efficiently?
  • How can you improve your environment? What can you bring into your home or workplace that will make it a more fulfilling, rewarding environment?
  • Do you ever feel suppressed by the expectations of society? Is there something about yourself that you keep hidden from others because you think they wouldn’t understand? Is there a way you could ‘fix’ what seems to be wrong with you? Or is there a way that others might be persuaded to understand what makes you different?

Exercise Ideas

Think about the ways you could change your life for the better. Choose one that seems not too far out of reach. Call on the Empress for wisdom, and begin to initiate this change, no matter how slowly you have to start. Also, consider looking into self-improvement, as this genre is full of ideas on how to make realistic positive changes in your life.

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Surrealist Tarot
Diary of a Broken Soul
bifrost Tarot
Langustl Tarot

Different Versions of the Card

The Empress card inspired various different visions among Tarotsmith’s artists. While bifrost stays close to the map laid out by the Book of Thoth and Rider-Waite, other decks vary considerably in their interpretations. Langustl also sticks to its format, preferring to make readers look at the card as if they were the character it portrays. Just a hand holding the Empress’ sceptre along with a sprinkling of items that symbolize her is enough to put you in her position. Also, the bifrost Empress matches the Emperor when laid together to form one large card, a central court for the heavens.

It might be difficult to imagine what artist Ari Bach was thinking when he made the Empress of the Surrealist Tarot facing execution in the sewer. The point seems to be change. Or is it about the corruption of power? Any way one looks at it, this is a strange variation, although surrealism itself is all about warped realities. This twist reveals another side of the Empress, in this case, perhaps not in the most flattering light.

Ordinarily, the Empress is a stately figure sitting serenely on her throne, a representation of the archetypal female authority figure passively wielding power over her subjects. Diary of a Broken Soul beautifully captures her traditional essence in non-traditional form. In a bed of roses, a nude goddess is the tie that binds two serpentine DNA strands, holding them apart in a display of elegant power.





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