The Hermit

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Diary of a Broken Soul
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The Hermit, however we look at it, is a card of isolation and self-introspection. This key card of the tarot deck is often viewed as a negative card because so many people who consult the cards are hoping that love or wealth is right around the corner. Naturally when this card answers such a question it is not seen a a good omen. But how many people consider the fact that relationships with others don’t, and can’t really mean too much until a person really knows one’s self.


The Hermits on Tarotsmith all center around the same idea, the sense of separation from others which leads to the state of loneliness.



Langustl has the image of the Hermit’s house at night on his card. Where I suspected that the poor guy lives in a cave, it’s nice to see that he does alright by himself after all. This card is not really so negative at all when you think about it. A lot of activities require solitude to get the job done; it’s just a fact of life. Solitude can mean loneliness, but then it can also mean privacy.


As Thoth and Rider versions both show old Father Time with his guiding lamp, so does their lovechild bifrost’s. Diary and bifrost (and perhaps Surrealist) both show the Hermit in Hades looking themselves over in the mirror. Could this card be about narcissism and vanity? As Diary shows an abyss to be crossed, so does Surrealist. Strangely we also notice this is the first trump card of Langustl’s not to show first person perspective, while is is the first card of Surrealist’s shown in first person as you reach for the sky.





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