The Hierophant

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Surrealist Tarot
Diary of a Broken Soul
bifrost Tarot
Langustl Tarot



The similarities of the different versions of the Hierophant are highly visible, being that it is a card of tradition and spiritual understanding. This is one of the key cards of the deck. As the Magician knows how to manipulate the forces, the Hierophant actually knows and understands those forces. Each version on this site shows recognizable symbolism, with the exception of the strange Surrealist Tarot.


The Surrealist version shows an extreme close-up of the concept of mind-control being put to work. This deck often has a bizarre view of the card concepts, but always thought provoking. On this card we see a scene out of a Clockwork Orange. They used a technique of reprogramming intended to force deviants to conform. By giving them sickness-inducing drugs while forcing them to watch appalling video footage of unacceptable behaviors, doctors programmed the sickness to resurface every time their patients even thought about doing something bad.



Diary of a Broken Soul takes a slightly different view, emphasizing the Hierophant’s understanding of traditions by showing his communications with the dead. He sees things from an unique perspective because he stands apart from time. A passive witness to history, he has a pretty good idea which way the wind blows.


Many of the cards in bifrost are very close to Thoth and/or RWS versions, but not the Hierophant. In bifrost this character’s task is to comprehend various aspects of life through both earthly and heavenly knowledge of various dichotomies. He has the keys to both heaven and hell on the same ring.


Langustl has the most traditional symbolism when it comes to this card. In Thoth the bull, a Taurus reference is important to this card. Waite shows him looking like the Pope, an old alternative title to this card.





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