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Diary of a Broken Soul
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Langustl Tarot

Card number 20 is traditionally known by the name Judgement. Its title can also be the Final or Last Judgement or the Angel. Crowley reinterpreted the card against tradition entitling his new concept the Aeon. While most tarot decks choose one or the other to follow, bifrost contains both cards. Of the 2 extra Major Arcana posited by Timothy Leary, bifrost brings Leary’s Starmaker concept to life under the Thoth inspired title of Aeon.

With the Judgement card, bifrost follows the RWS style with a few key differences. Instead of multiple graves all opening at once, bifrost notably makes the experience of death and rising happen in solitude. The Angel and the rising soul are one, as are the souls of the wolf and lamb.

Langustl also uses the Rider symbolism in its own style. Heavenly symbols and characters are represented as an eye of higher perception. The idea of an eyeball blowing a horn that wakes up the dead is difficult to imagine for most of us, but here you see it. It can be done.

A unique similarity happens with Langustl and Diary of a Broken Soul on this card, the eye of higher vision. In Diary’s version the eye is actually the eye of a needle on the horizon, and yet the 2 different types of eyes say the same thing symbolically. Diary’s version of this card is entitled Redemption. Redemption may be far away, but the camel will eventually get there.

Reinterpreting the card as the Beast, it can be more difficult to understand the Surrealist version of this card. A serpent wraps around a surreal female form, perhaps representing the journey of life.





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