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Justice, sometimes known as Adjustment, can be number 8 or number 11 depending on the artist’s whim, although traditionally the card is number 8. A.E. Waite first switched the numbers of the Justice and the Strength cards, without so much as a hint to why. However, in the Pictorial Key, Waite assures us that he had a good personal reason to invert these cards.


We don’t care so much as about numbers as we do cards, so we will consider number 8 the Justice card in this comparison. We see the scales of Justice with its companion, the sword, rendered on every version. We miss the scales in Surrealist, as Justice has already gone to work with its sword. Surrealist always has the weirdest visuals, this time showing an heartless monster dividing a child, reminiscent of a certain story from the Old Testament.



In Diary this card also has a somewhat sinister feel. With electricity in the air, the universe seems to watch as the sisters of Duality carry out Justice. It should also be noted that the artists of the Surrealist and Diary decks did not even number their Majors, making numerology possible only at the reader’s interpretation.


bifrost and Langustl all contain the standard symbolism apparent in old tarot decks like Rider and Thoth. bifrost once again stays close to Crowley’s ideas, but adds a book for Justice to throw. Langustl’s version puts you in the position of having to weigh the facts yourself, a particularly potent rendering of the deck’s unique first person perspective.





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