The Lovers

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Surrealist Tarot
Diary of a Broken Soul
bifrost Tarot
Langustl Tarot



The first thing we notice about this set of cards is that it’s the first card where every tarot artist here agreed upon a title. It seems like everybody’s favorite card is the Lovers. Its appeal is universal as the urge to procreate, to feel the ecstasy of unification with the ideal mate. Each card on the site shows this concept in a way that tarot students can instantly identify, more so than any other card. This card is as universal as the story of Adam and Eve, the original love story. As that story acts as a metaphor for every marriage, so does this card.


It is tough to decide which deck to begin with, as there is no odd one out in this set. Langustl shows the same symbols represented on the RWS version, omitting the human figures. He seems to have lined up the sun with the eye of God, a solid sign of a blessed union, shown like the Rider version in the center of the Garden of Eden with the trees of life and of the knowledge of good and evil, the serpent on Eve’s side.



Students of Aleister Crowley will recognize bifrost’s Lovers card, another direct tribute to the Thoth deck with some minor variations.


The artists for Surrealist and Diary must have had the same exact idea for this card. The only real difference between the 2 is style. Diary of a Broken Soul shows the union of polar opposites in what looks like an eclipse, darkness meeting with the light. Perhaps what happens next for these 2 is the scene pictured in Surrealist, they are melting together into a single form. Like a twist cone, this pairing just seems meant to be.





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