The High Priestess Card Meaning


The High Priestess is a spiritual channel that resembles a composer. Like the eye of a storm, she conducts the continual interaction of yin and yang. As with the Magician, her power is to harness energy, but with an emphasis on nurturing. In many ways, she represents the feminine aspect of the Magician. However, she represents the same for the Hierophant (in other ways). She is evidently wiser than the Magician.

Nothing can hide from the Priestess’ intuition, as she represents clairvoyance, telepathy, and remote viewing. When this card appears, we must think of the potential effects that transparency may bring. At the very least, this card may indicate a need to be less attached, to see things from the unbiased perspective of a creator. The Priestess is a silent watcher on one hand and an invisible touch on the other. This is the card of intuition.

Symbolism on this card usually shows the Priestess balancing two opposing forces, represented by pillars. She is a traveller of the astral plane, very much aware of the aether. She can certainly read the writing on the wall. Symbols of abundance are normally present too, often being fruits. Fruit is also symbolic of creativity and reproduction. The card suggests that all this could be yours if you can compose yourself appropriately, with honesty and transparency. It also suggests that your intuition should be trusted.

Through trials and tribulations, you have become the person you are today. You wouldn’t be so strong if you hadn’t been challenged. Though this may have seemed unnecessary and even cruel, in time you came to appreciate the lessons learned. You understand yourself better because of this; therefore, you understand the universe better. Once comfortable having paid your dues, you are free from anxiety and fear.

This card represents the inner peace and calmness that comes from learning to trust your instincts. You have let go of any grudges that were holding you back, and this has cleared your judgment. You have the ability to innately understand reality. Also, you have learned a great deal and know your responsibility to society. Your gift must be given.

This card’s appearance may indicate that you have achieved a certain level of maturity and wisdom. You no longer see a need for payback or unnecessary confrontation. Emotional stability is a blessing that allows many aspects of your life to flourish. This card may show that you could benefit from patience, taking a hands-off, yet nurturing, approach. Many things obviously need time to grow in this universe, and you know this well.

Being the keeper of the veil of the spiritual world, the High Priestess represents a benevolent force that leads to the promised land.

Questions to Consider

  • Is there something that you are hiding from someone close to you? Or worse, is there something you are in denial of? It may be helpful to come clean. Transparency could make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.
  • Is there a ‘narcissist’ in your life? Is there someone who seems to drain the life out of you, like a ‘psychic vampire’? Does someone always leave you feeling manipulated and abused? This kind of individual has also been called a potential trouble source (and less flattering names). This kind of relationship is not really a relationship. If you are being gaslit, it is critical to find your own way out. Your intuition, if you can summon it, can be trusted.
  • Do you ever feel like a disorganised mess of a person? Do you create a mess in the physical space around you? Are you ever exhausted for no reason? It is possible that you have become detached from yourself. You can find yourself again by simply submitting to your intuition. However, in the stress of life, this can be tougher than it seems. Luckily, guided meditations are easy to find.

Exercise Idea

Try a guided meditation geared not towards the manifestation of goals, but as a simple exercise to become accustomed to the spiritual world or astral plane. You can find lots of guided meditations on YouTube. It may be of great benefit to learn about astral projection.

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Surrealist Tarot
Diary of a Broken Soul
bifrost Tarot
Langustl Tarot

Different Versions of the Card

The High Priestess is the mystical guardian of the female side of the secrets of the universe. Every version of this card on Tarotsmith is easily identifiable as this archetype, with only minor variances. The Surrealist has a unique take: pairing the Sorceress and Sorcerer (Priestess and Magician) as mates, rather than the regular pairing of the Priestess with the Hierophant. In Surrealist, this character seems more concerned with doing than knowing.

Diary of a Broken Soul also shows the Priestess consulting the universe on spiritual understanding, this time represented by her ability to interpret universal scripture. She seems to be doing a lot of research, checking to see how the stories line up. On her back, she has a tattoo of the Empress, for whom the Priestess serves as spiritual advisor.

For this card, Langustl and bifrost both follow the Rider-Waite model closely. Both versions show the same symbols, though bifrost’s pillars are inverted in more ways than one. The lunar symbol crowns the Priestess on these cards. In Langustl, the moon opens a door for spiritual communication. In bifrost, the Priestess understands the ups and downs of life and why energy flows the way it flows. No matter which tarot deck you look at, her role must be played.





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