The High Priestess

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Surrealist Tarot
Diary of a Broken Soul
bifrost Tarot
Langustl Tarot



The High Priestess is the mystical guardian of the female side of the secrets of the universe. Every version of this card on Tarotsmith is easily identifiable as this archetype, with only minor variances. The most unique version must be Surrealist, which has paired the Sorceress and Sorcerer (Priestess and Magician) as mates rather than the ordinary pairing of the Priestess with the Hierophant. In Surrealist she seems more concerned with doing than knowing.



Diary of a Broken Soul also shows the Priestess consulting the universe for spiritual understanding, this time represented by her ability to interpret universal scripture. She seems to be doing a lot of research, checking to see how the stories line up. On her back she has a tattoo of the Empress, for whom the Priestess serves as spiritual adviser.


For this card Langustl and bifrost both follow the Rider-Waite model closely. Both versions show the same symbols, though bifrost’s pillars are inverted in more ways than one. The lunar symbol crowns the Priestess on these cards. In Langustl, the moon opens the door for spiritual communication. In bifrost, the Priestess understands the ups and downs of life and why the energy flows the way that it flows. No matter which tarot deck you look at, her role must be played.






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