The Star

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Surrealist Tarot
Diary of a Broken Soul
bifrost Tarot
Langustl Tarot

The essence of the Star’s character can be seen in the way that it shines. The person represented by this card excels at something in a way that makes them stand out. The Star may have a need to fulfill her ego through the act of creation. Is it the ego gratification of praise from her peers that she seeks or the love and worship of those beneath her? Only 2 of the 5 artists’ decks follow traditional portrayals.

As closely as the bifrost Star resembles the Rider version, it is actually more directly inspired by the Book of Thoth. As intermediary of the heavens, the Star may be a shaman. Gifting her blessing to her subordinates enhances them. Superior starseed mutants emerge from the gene pool on their initial step toward stardom.

Langustl actually stays closest to the RWS symbolism, in its own way. It can be a little difficult to see exactly what’s going on, but people who are very familiar with tarot would recognize what the 2 streams of water mean from this deck’s strange first person perspective. With the kind of synchronicity found on this site between the tarot decks, these must be the fish that mutate in bifrost.

Once again we come to Diary and Surrealist interpreting a card the same way. Both versions have revisioned the Star in plural form. Diary’s hands on approach places the Star in the stars as if she was a constellation herself. As usual Surrealist rounds off the story perfectly by personifying the Constellation as a Star itself.





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