Strength Card Meaning


The Strength card is often depicted with a woman taming a lion. This image is a symbol of the inner strength and courage needed to face life’s challenges. The card can represent a time of overcoming fear, gaining self-confidence, and accessing inner resilience. In the same way that the lion is tamed by the woman’s gentle strength, we can learn to harness our own strength to face obstacles.

Of course, the Thoth deck has the Strength card in its original position, at number IIX, but reinterprets the title as Lust. The symbolism of this version is a bit different, with the scarlet woman riding the great beast of the Revelation of St. John. There are many decks that follow this style, according to the visions and prerogatives of the decks’ creators.

The symbolism of the Strength card extends beyond the literal depiction of the woman and lion. The card is associated with the astrological sign Leo, which represents courage, creativity, and leadership. The woman in the card is often depicted with a white dress, symbolising purity and spiritual enlightenment. The infinity symbol above her head represents the infinite power and potential within us.

When the Strength card appears in a reading, it can indicate a need to access our inner strength and courage. It may be a time of facing our fears, taking risks, and standing up for ourselves. This card reminds us that we have the power to overcome any challenge, and that true strength comes from within.

In everyday life, the Strength card can be applied in many situations. It may represent the strength needed to make difficult decisions, the courage to face a difficult conversation, or the resilience to overcome a setback. It can also represent the power of compassion and gentleness, as the woman in the card tames the lion with a gentle touch.

To access the strength within us, it is important to cultivate practices that promote inner peace and self-awareness. Meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness practices can help us connect with our inner power and find the courage to face life’s challenges. It is also essential to surround ourselves with positive influences and supportive people who can help us stay grounded and motivated.

Ultimately, the Strength card is a reminder that we are powerful and capable beings, and that we have the strength and courage within us to overcome any obstacle. By tapping into our inner power and accessing our resilience, we can navigate life’s challenges with confidence and grace.

Questions to Consider

  • In what ways can you draw on your inner strength to overcome life challenges?
  • How can you use compassion and patience to approach difficult situations with strength and courage?
  • Are there any situations or relationships in your life where you could benefit from being more patient and compassionate?

Exercise Ideas

  • Try a daily meditation practice focused on building inner strength and resilience.
  • Sign up for a martial arts class to build physical strength and discipline, while also cultivating mental and emotional strength.
  • Practise approaching challenging situations with a patient, compassionate mindset, using affirmations or visualisation techniques to bolster your inner strength.
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Surrealist Tarot
Diary of a Broken Soul
bifrost Tarot
Langustl Tarot

Variations of the Card

Card numbers eleven and eight are often switched because of the influence of the Rider-Waite deck. Waite inverted the cards of Strength and Justice for a reason he didn’t care to divulge. For the sake of comparison, it doesn’t really matter which card has which number, so long as we compare the cards with matching concepts. Since the traditional number of Strength is eleven, we’ll keep with tradition, keeping the cards numbered this way here.

Langustl stays somewhat within its regular format, picturing the idea of fire being tamed along with symbols of fortitude and infinity. While thumbing through this deck for the first time, one might expect to see a pair of hands closing a lion’s jaws on this card.

In the Strength card, Diary and Surrealist share symbolism once again. Both decks deviate from the regular lion on the card in favour of a dragon. Though the actual dragons look vastly different, they share the same pose. Both are tamed by their fascination for frail humans that display great Strength and courage.

In bifrost, this card is named the Beast. It is another direct inspiration from Thoth’s version, in this case, known as Lust. bifrost pictures a biblical beast roaming the apocalypse, a mythological combination of three creatures: lion, leopard, and bear.





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