The Sun

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Surrealist Tarot
Diary of a Broken Soul
bifrost Tarot
Langustl Tarot



The Sun card is almost universally seen as an extremely positive, sometimes even the most positive sign of the deck – apparently with the exception of a couple of smart alec artists on this site. The standard RWS Sun shows a nude child riding a pony in front of a wall of sunflowers. Unlike the Moon before it, not one of the decks on Tarotsmith follows this example for this card. Even Langustl went its own way on this particular card.


bifrost displays Thoth-style symbolism. The division of the heavens by the Zodiac around the Sun comes from the Book of Thoth. bifrost shows this along with the trinity of God, angel, and devil in celebration.



Langustl’s Sun looks to have scorched the sky. Beaming golden rays of sunshine fill the sky like a bright morning after a night of zero sleep. However excessive the light seems in the air, all the plants are thriving.


Surrealist turns the lights up even brighter to the point where the Sun scorches the earth. It vomits excessive brilliance onto the city like a sick faucet. Diary takes us one more step, showing the devastation that excess brings. Could the burning angel of this card be a victim of the solar plague in the Surrealist City? Or could this be the bearer of light burning up in his own delivery?





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