The Wheel of Fortune

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Surrealist Tarot
Diary of a Broken Soul
bifrost Tarot
Langustl Tarot



The Wheel of Fortune is sometimes shortened to just ‘The Wheel’ or ‘Fortune.’ This is the card that deals with karma, fate, chance, and luck, whichever word you like to use. It is ordinarily represented by a giant wheel in the sky.


In Surrealist, the card seems to be omitted in order to make room for a strange card called the Norn. Though the image is vastly different, it is still the card of fate. The Norn is Surrealist’s card of change.


Diary of a Broken Soul’s card of fate gives us an image of a guy bound in chains to the Wheel. Though it seems somewhat slavish to just accept one’s fate, he doesn’t seem particularly troubled by doing so. The theme of this version is the awareness that if there is such a thing as fate, it has each of us trapped in its design.



For the colorized decks we have 2 different variations on Fortune. Both are very similar. As the Book of Thoth and Rider-Waite tarot decks are both direct descendants of the Golden Dawn, many times their cards correspond with the same symbols used.


Langustl’s version has the same Wheel as in the foreground of the RWS version. But Langustl does not have the Egyptian characters on the Wheel, and the background is different. Rather than cherubs, Langustl splits its background 4 ways representing the 4 elemental states.


The bifrost Wheel card represents Crowley’s Thoth symbolism.





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