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Surrealist Tarot
Diary of a Broken Soul
bifrost Tarot
Langustl Tarot

The way a person sees the World defines the person. Likewise the World card defines a tarot deck. A deck of creepy eyeballs, the World itself in this deck is an eyeball. Of course this is not meant to be taken literally, but a statement that a person’s World is entirely dependent upon a person’s perspective.

There are 2 decks here which share a Gnostic view of entrapment as the nature of existence. bifrost and Surrealist show the World as a trap and a cage. It is a web that there is no escape from. Notice a subtle similarity in the background. These cards could almost be laid on top of each other to form a new understanding of imprisonment. In Surrealist these background lines lead down a 3-dimensional wall into the pit of the Chamber. In bifrost the same pattern is viewed 2-dimensionally and is seen as a web. Now that is surreal.

Beyond the aspect of entrapment, there is much more symbolism contained in the Universe of bifrost. The Universe itself is the thing that is trapped, in Heaven bound on the firmament. The Universe is contained in the figure of a man in meditation, a state of oneness with all being leading to the total singularity of the Aeon. The idea of man creating his own Universe is represented this time by the spider in his head. Could this be the creator of Heaven?

Diary of a Broken Soul shows the image of the World coming to an end. At the end of the World, we step through a star gate leading back to zero, the Fool. When we come to the end, the loop begins again.

The only deck that bears much of a resemblance to the standard RWS World card on this site is Langustl. But in its substitution of the cherubs with elements and the nude woman with the eye, the only common symbol remaining in the wreath.





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