As figurative artists we work with symbolism.  We do not claim to have the answers nor provide the truth. We share our tarot creations with hopes that they may help others find that which they seek.  Tarot is a very powerful tool of divination, but it is when we are able to perceive the tools as guides instead of fortune telling that we are empowered to change our lives.

To us the Tarot is a sacred art.  Tarot is a mystical game which allows the player tap into the great unconscious using a deck of cards containing symbolism that reflects what man has come to understand about his relationship with the universe.



Here we offer several tarot decks to read with and a choice of well over a dozen spreads.  In addition to tarot there are many more online oracles:  playing cards, Madam Lenormand, runes, Tibetan Mo dice, Mo dominoes, mahjong, I Ching, bibliomancy scripture of the day, astrological birth charts, numerology reports, and biorhythms.

Currently 4 contemporary artists have their decks featured on Tarotsmith:  Ari Bach, Ash Abdullah, Jeremy Lampkin, and Stephan “Langustl” Lange.  Ideas of the artists do not necessarily represent those of Tarotsmith.